JIN-442 -- Water Drops

As men and women in Japan relax in hot spring baths, down in Beppu the first ever Asia-Pacific Water Summit is about to take place. The summit addresses the issue of water scarcity which, with current climate trends, looks set to become one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. Read Now

Terrie's Job Tips -- Severance Pay

Whenever the US economy hits speed bumps, through bitter experience business people in Japan start battening down the hatches. Such is the business environment now, that is not just hatch battening, but many are also starting to think about retrenchment, both as firers and fired. Today we look at severance packages, and what you should expect.


TT-447 -- 1-seg primer, ebiz news from Japan

Digital TV on a mobile phone appears to be a trend fast gathering momentum in Japan. Is this a passing fad or a taste of things to come? What prospects are there for this to become an international phenomenon? To find out Read Terrie's Take Now


JIN-441 -- Miss Universe Japan

Ines Ligron, the business brain behind Miss Universe Japan talks to J@pan Inc about her work with Japan's most beautiful women. A successful entrepreneur, Ligron talks about her road to the top and explains how and why Miss Universe Japan is as profitable as it is glamorous. Read Now

Terrie's Job Tips -- Starting Your Own Company - Part Six: Raising Money

Probably the biggest consideration for most people in wanting to set up a company is the issue of having the money to pay for it. As I teach in my entrepreneur classes, starting a company with any number of employees will always cost more than you think. In fact, my rule of thumb is to set aside about JPY5m for each person employed, quite apart from the cost of any office move, furniture, tools of the trade, company registration, licenses, etc.


TT-446 -- Tooth Decay, Ebiz news from Japan

Terrie takes a look at the state of Japanese teeth. What differences are there in dental care in Japan and what are the latest trends in the dental products market? To find out Read Terrie's Take Now


GW-282 -- The Hottest Gizmos and Gadgets from Japan

This week's Gadget Watch covers the new Sony ICD-UX70, UX80 digital voice recorder, the Buffalo RSDC-GC6 new memory card and the Mustardgiga Visuals PC Peripherals. Read Now

WW-168 -- The Smartphone Market in Japan

Wireless Watch explores the market for smartphones in Japan. Includes an exclusive interview with President of HTC Japan, Jennifer Chang. Read Now

JIN-440 -- November/December J@pan Inc Outline

This week's newsletter outlines the content of J@pan Inc's latest magazine including articles on software for J-SOX, virtual machines, travel in Okinawa, fashion trends, finance, Second Life and more. Read Now