TT-431 -- Lay Judges, ebiz news from Japan

With the jury system due to be implemented in Japan in 2009, Terrie explores some of the criticism of and problems with the proposed system as well as wider reflections on business, justice and democracy. Plus, the usual must-read round up of Japanese business news. Read Terrie's Take Now


JIN-424 -- Opening Japan's Skies: Part One

This week is the start of a 2 part J@pan Inc Newsletter special report on the aviation industry in Japan. What are the factors affecting the liberalization process? Who are the catalysts and who are the brakes? What changes lie ahead? Is there a life beyond JAL and ANA?Read Now

Terrie's Job Tips -- Married Couples at Work - Part One: Using Different Names

I recently ran into an old friend of mine, a successful Japanese businessman, who introduced me to an attractive lady he was working with and from his body language whom he was obviously comfortable with. He introduced her as the CEO of one of his group companies and I couldn't help wondering how that relationship got started. In any case, she in turn introduced herself, giving her name, then shyly nodded towards my friend and said, "By the way, I'm his wife."


TT-430 -- Bull-Dog bites back, ebiz news from Japan

This week we're going to try something new. A reader has posted a commentary about the Bull-Dog Sauce/Steel Partners showdown and discusses whether or not the Japanese courts should be taking sides in their rulings. We then comment about the posting, as we ask whether the Japanese have got it so wrong? Read Terrie's Take Now


JIN-423 -- Who's Saying Sayonara, Abe or Ozawa?

With the Upper House elections approaching J@pan Inc looks at the potential for them to affect the careers of the two main party leaders. Read Now


TT-429 -- Off-shoring to keep up

Can Japan cope? An increasing demand for smarter consumer electronics products and services infrastructure has caused major personnel headaches in a country where there is already a shortage of IT engineers. In the struggle to keep up many companies are turning to off-shoring, but what are the pitfalls of this approach? Read Terrie's Take Now


Terrie's Job Tips -- Taking Leave Part Three – New Year, Obon, and Resigning

Today I will cover some of the anomalous holiday policies that govern our working lives in Japan.


FW-104 -- Freeganism and "Not Buying It" in Japan

This time Frugal Watch looks at the concept of "Freeganism" and how recycling products can help the frugally-minded foreigner living in Japan. Read Now

JIN-422 -- Smoke on the Horizon?

This week's newsletter looks at smoking in Japan from a commercial, legal and social perspective. What part is played by Japan Tobacco, the government, social norms and women in keeping cigarrettes alight in Japan? Read Now