FW-107 -- The Frugal Finale

* * * * * * * F R U G A L W A T C H * * * * * * * *
Last weekly roundup of how to be frugal in the world's most
expensive country to live (unless you read this!), written
and compiled by Wendy J. Imura.

March 21 2008 Issue No. 107

Dear Frugalites,

The Frugal Finale!

As you have read from the good folks at Japan Inc., the Frugal
Watch newsletter will be retiring as of this issue. In fact, I
should have written this farewell letter several weeks ago.

FW-106 -- Why Boring Investments Work

Frugal watch gives some handy suggestions on what to look out for when investing your savings. Read Now

FW-105 -- The Summer Blues: Cutting Aircon Costs

Frugal Watch offers some tips on how to survive the heat without spending your month's salary on air conditioning. Read Now

FW-104 -- Freeganism and "Not Buying It" in Japan

This time Frugal Watch looks at the concept of "Freeganism" and how recycling products can help the frugally-minded foreigner living in Japan. Read Now

FW-103 -- Six Little-Known Secrets for Supermarket Success

Happy Golden Week, Frugalites! Where are you now? Enjoying the holidays on some exotic (yet cheap) tropical locale? Or are you like me - a self employed translator whose busiest season just happens to be the first few weeks in May? I certainly wish I was part of the former group, but I will say - there's no better way to save money than... Read Now

FW-102 -- Keeping a Lid on School Prep Costs

So, it's now almost April, which in Japan means: time for the new school year and fiscal year to start. Before our son was born, I had little appreciation for just how expensive this time of year can be for families, but now I know - school fees and supplies can really take a whack out of your
budget! That figure can, of course, get much higher when you have children entering elementary, junior high, or senior high school - and amazing when...

FW-101 -- Keeping Warm Despite a Warm Winter

So, the new Japanese phrase for the day is: 'dantou,' the kanji for which literally mean 'warm winter.' That, according to the weather experts, is apparently what we are enjoying in 2007. You've probably seen the shocking pictures on the evening news: cherry blossom buds poking through in a balmy Washington DC in early January...

FW-100 -- Happy Hundredth: Radical Frugality and More

First of all, please help me celebrate a bit - we've finally reached issue No. 100! Maybe you're a new subscriber, and this is the first issue of Frugal Watch you've ever read. Maybe you've been with me since the beginning (March 13, 2004 - in case you're curious). Whatever the case - here's a cheery 'kanpai' to this not-so-shabby accomplishment...

FW-99 -- The Holidays: How to Survive the Last Minute Crush

Yet, at the same time, I couldn't let another week go by without commenting on the year end holidays of Christmas and Japanese New Year's - a bank buster if I ever saw one. What with presents, cards, shipping expenses, holiday meals, decorations, parties, and events, it can be an expensive time of year. Especially now that there are only a few weeks left!
So, below please enjoy my Top Three Frugal Holiday Tips - guaranteed to save you a few minutes (or yen) this season...

FW-98 -- Frugal Japanese Cooking Tips for the Kitchen Challenged

It's a fun time of year for cooking, what with the holidays approaching. Personally, I've been too busy the last year to do much beyond holiday meals and the very basics. But, I'm determine to get back into the good ole daitokoro (kitchen) sometime soon. In the meantime, I'm beefing up on my
Japanese cooking basics.


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