FW-97 -- Frugal Wiki Update, Shufoo!.NET, and Growing Rich Slowly

Hi Frugal Fans - it's been way too long. A month-long vacation in September took me out of the country, and spotty Internet access while I was away made it difficult to publish. But I thank you for your patience, and am proud to present the (slightly belated) first edition of Frugal Watch for October.

FW-96 -- Why Google is Great (and Frugal)

It is a well-known secret in our family that I am a Google otaku, orGoogle geek. As a translator by profession, I spend many hours each week searching for obscure terminology and usage examples.

FW-95 -- Getting Back on the Frugal Bandwagon

Living a frugal lifestyle, like dieting, requires some willpower. Once your will to pinch pennies diminishes, it's hard to continue. Face it: a spendthrift lifestyle is just plain EASIER. Unfortunately, a lack of certain set frugal habits can create "yo-yo" frugality - much like yo-yo dieting, where the same 10 kilograms are lost, and gained, and lost, and gained. Except in this case, it's the same 100,000 yen that is saved, and spent, saved, and spent.

FW-94 -- Frugal Cockroach Killers

Countermeasures against the number one nasty sign of summer.

FW-93 -- The Frugal Challenge: Living on a Single Income in Japan

Learning to live on a single income, or at least strategizing for it, is a vital skill for anyone to learn.

FW-92 -- Feeling Frugal? FrugalJapan Wiki Goes Live!

Our Frugal wiki is the brainchild of FrugalJapan.com webmaster and all-around wonderwoman Shaney Crawford. Shaney set up our wiki, and has also diligently seeded it with content from the FrugalJapan.com website to get us started. You'll find information on everything from frugal beverages to accommodations in Tokyo, plus some additional new topics (indicated with question marks).

FW-91 -- Homemade Baby Food: Fast, Frugal, and Fun

Although I like to concentrate on frugal issues that affect a larger segment of the population, I felt it time to introduce what I consider to be one of Japan's greatest cheap secrets: homemade baby food.

FW-90 -- Start Saving: June Approaches!

Why June? Well, in addition to everything else, health insurance, pension, and local tax payment cycles "restart" every April. Local residents' tax (jyuminzei), National Pension (kokumin nenkin), and National Health Insurance (kokumin kenko hoken) payments are typically based on your prior year's income, calculated for 2006 from your January-December 2005. These figures are usually available early in the following year, with the exception of persons who have adjustments from kakuteishinkoku (tax returns) filed in February/March.

FW-89 -- Useful and Free Online - A New Roundup

Every six months or so I search my "Favorites" list on my web browser for email links to interesting and/or fun websites that deserve sharing. So, without further ado, please find the latest verion of "Useful and Free Online" websites. The Frugal/Fun Top Five follow:

FW-88 -- Buy Recycled: Good for the Planet and Your Wallet

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