FW-97 -- Frugal Wiki Update, Shufoo!.NET, and Growing Rich Slowly

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A weekly roundup of how to be frugal in the world's most
expensive country to live (unless you read this!), written
and compiled by Wendy J. Imura.

Regular edition, Oct 17th, 2006 Issue No. 97

- Frugal Wiki Update, Shufoo!.NET, and Growing Rich Slowly
- Credits

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** Frugal Wiki Update, Shufoo!.NET, and Growing Rich Slowly **

Dear Frugal Readers,

Hi Frugal Fans - it's been way too long. A month-long
vacation in September took me out of the country, and spotty
Internet access while I was away made it difficult to publish.
But I thank you for your patience, and am proud to present the
(slightly belated) first edition of Frugal Watch for October.

First, I have some news. Shaney Crawford, FrugalJapan.com
webmistress extraordinaire, has done a major overhaul of the
Frugal Japan Wiki.
(The Wiki can be found at: http://wiki.frugaljapan.com/ )
The wiki is now more rationally organized, featuring an
alphabetical list of tips in the "Frugal Tip Index." List of
tips by topic, and about a specific place in Japan, are also
available. She even included a random tip generator! As
always, the wiki provides a place for members of the Frugal
Japan community (including readers of this newsletter) to
share ideas. Editing and adding to a wiki easy - read up on
how at the Frugal Wiki! Unlike the YahooGroup, the Frugal
Japan Wiki is permanent, easily searchable, and available
to all regardless of membership. Check it out!
Thanks for your hard work, Shaney!

My second major topic for today is an innovative new website
from Yahoo! - Shufoo.net. An interesting Romanization of the
Japanese term for housewife ("shufu"), the service is a
fully-searchable online database of digitized newspaper
inserts. Underwhelmed? These inserts are a gold mine of
frugal information for your local area. Many foreign
frugalites have a hard time getting a hold of them,
particularly if you do not subscribe to a Japanese newspaper.
You can search for them all here, particularly advertisements
for local supermarkets. Searching is easing:
go to www.shufoo.net, and enter your postal code
(7 digits, no dashes) into the little red window with a
magnifying glass on it at the top of the page.
Then, the names of the supermarkets in your area will appear
in Japanese on the screen in a band. Click on the name of
the supermarket you want to see, and the chirashi will appear
in a separate window.
You can view them in heavier PDF format or the proprietary
"BB Chriashi" format. A great way to comparison-shop between
stores and keep abreast of prices. (However, it would be best
to attempt this with a broadband Intnernet connection.)

My final resource of the day was introduced to me by a Kyoto
friend, Richard Sadowsky, a blog called "Get Rich Slowly."
The site owner, J.D., posts daily information about personal
finance and simplicity, frugality, and personal development.
There are no get-rich quick schemes or hot stock tips, simply
good information about slowly but steadily building wealth.
Check it out at www.getrichslowly.org.

Whether you get rich slowly, or quickly, I wish you the best of
luck in your endeavors! Look forward to another Frugal Watch in
two weeks!

Frugally yours,
Wendy J. Imura

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Written by: Wendy J. Imura (frugalwatch at japaninc.com)
Edited by: Japan Inc Editing Team

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