TT-785 -- Anime-Manga Boom in SE Asia, ebiz news from Japan

The exhibition hall in Singapore where AFA was held was packed to the gills. For a city/state of just 5.4MM it's amazing how they can produce such large crowds of excited fans.


TT-707 -- Online Games Challenges for GREE, ebiz news from Japan

GREE spent US$104m in April 2011 to buy out a US games platform operator called OpenFeint. The OpenFeint platform wasn't particularly well built.


TT-591 -- Encounter with a World Champion Sommelier, e-biz news from Japan

Being a sommelier is much more than just tasting wines, it's more about entertainment and social connection.


Entertainment -- The Business of Short Films

Tetsuya BesshoTetsuya BesshoBy Michael Condon

Interview with Tetsuya Bessho, founder of the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia.

Films were a major part of the visual culture industry that flourished during the 20th century. Since the invention of moving pictures by Edison and the Lumiere brothers, the medium has only had about 100 years to develop. Its history has been shorter when compared to novels and music in terms of their innovation and diversification.


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