TT-667 -- Too Many or Too Few Lawyers? Ebiz news from Japan

There is one lawyer per 250 people in the USA, one per 390 in New Zealand, 590 in Germany, 1,000 in Hong Kong, 4,119 in Japan, and one for every 5,000 people in China.



The rebirth of the right to equality?

A year ago this week, the Supreme Court of Japan issued a judgment that struck down a clause in the Nationality Act as being a violation of the Constitution. There are good reasons for everyone in Japan to celebrate that decision. While little noted outside of specialized legal journals at the time, the decision may have been the beginning of a more robust judicial protection of the right to equality in Japan.

Trademark Law in Japan

Kazuko FujitaKazuko FujitaBy Joseph Greenberg

Kazuko Fujita and lessons for trademark registration in Japan.

Kazuko Fujita is founder and director of the LIL (Legal Interface Liaison) International Patent & Trademark Firm, responsible for an office of 30 staff, a fully qualified benrishi (Japanese patent attorney), a wife and a mother of two children.


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