Summer 2007 Issue

Summer 2007Summer 2007

On the cover: High Returns
The secret of CBRE's
real estate success

Masatoshi Shiota:
Quartz-glass skin surface treatment
for the protection of concrete

Lanabake's Light Saving Solutions:
Bright ideas for office lighting

Inside: Our Real Estate Special
Are you ready for Web 2.0 Marketing

Summer 2007
(June 2007)
No. 72

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Message from the Publisher

Terrie LloydTalking to a local economist at the beginning of this year, he said that if no serious downturn occurred in the US markets by mid-year, then he reckoned that Japan would have a good chance of seeing its growth continue for the rest of 2007. It looks like the US has had a soft landing and escaped the possible fall-out of low-end forced mortgagee sales, and thus the economies of both nations are doing well.


Message from the Editor

Peter HarrisA real estate issue and the move to bi-monthly

Dear Readers,

It is a very exciting time to be taking the editorial position at J@pan Inc. Japan’s economy is looking confident, and its interaction with the rest of the world is at an unprecedented level. In no case is this more so than in real estate, the theme for our summer edition.


Letters to the Editor

We welcome all your comments, thoughts and suggestions - this is the space to make your voice heard.


High Returns

Ben DuncanBen DuncanBy Peter Harris
How CBRE has thrived on the "white hot" real estate market in Tokyo

CBRE's man in Japan talks to J@pan Inc about the real estate market in Japan. Also featuring analysis of the white hot 'grade A' market in Tokyo and predictions for the near to mid-term. Ben Duncan tells us of the peculiarities of the Japanese market and where the opportunities for foreign investors lie.


Living in Japan

Living in Japan - The George's spacious, luxury loungeBy Peter Harris

Four interviews with four different foreigners about their varied experiences of buying or renting property in Japan.


Real Estate Directory

J@pan Inc is pleased to present our comprehensive Real Estate Directory. For all your property related ventures and queries find the help you need right here.


Inside Out

South of Downtown (SODO) area of SeattleJ@pan Inc looks at an overseas investment opportunity

J@pan Inc is proud to present a new regular feature that focuses on an investment opportunity beyond the shores of Japan.

Being a good student of British history the word "gentrification" conjures up images of seventeenth century farmhouses and Oliver Cromwell championing the rise of parliament. But in real estate, the term is more related to high yield investment opportunities than the beginning of the end of aristocratic power. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines it in the following manner:


Perspectives on Tokyo Living & Real Estate

Kenneth ArbourKenneth Arbour By Kenneth Arbour

With more than 20 years in the real estate and relocation business, Kenneth Arbour, President of Century 21 SKY Realty, is providing a 4-part series of articles covering interesting trends in the marketplace.

These articles are drawn directly from Mr. Arbour’s extensive experience in residential and commercial sales and leasing, and presented from a ground-level perspective.


Who's Working Harder – You or Your Money?

A House in JapanBy Hirokazu Mukai, CEO, Minato Asset Management

To maximize cash-flow, you have two choices, one is to work harder at your office. The other is to make your money work for you and dedicate more of your time to your own concerns. And if you’re thinking about making an investment, the smart money is in real estate. Since Japanese interest rates are so low, and the Japanese currency is so weak against other currencies such as the Euro, or the Pound, you’ll find Japanese real estate a very attractive option.




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