Spring 2005 Issue

On the cover: KCS: The "Alternative" Investor Akira Fujii is betting his Midas touch can burnish the freewheeling pachinko industry

Spring 2005
(April 2005)
No. 63

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April 2005 Issue

  So Fast: Challenging the Majors on the Basics
Logistics does not have to be complicated
By John Dodd
  Charting a Course for Peace
Peace Boat as beau ideal of a successful NGO
By Bhuvana Radhakrishnan
  Japan Tech Stocks Line Up to Downgrade Earnings
Commodity stocks rebound, while successive downgrades hobble Japanese shares.
By Darrel Whitten
  Shutting Up "Sekuhara Sam"
Framing a simple rule
By Andrew Silberman
  SalesForce.com -- A Primer on Cracking the Japanese CRM Market
While the CRM majors see their market share declining, a once ignored ASP service is winning customers at an unprecedented pace.
  Online Vendors Beware!
Website content subject to lawsuits in foreign countries
By David B. Hoppe
  Casting Our Nets Too Wide
Should tuna farming practices be more strictly regulated?
By Bonnie Lee La Madeleine
  Office Landlords Back on Top as Vacancy Falls in Central Tokyo
Much has changed in the office market since early 2003
By Dylan Robertson
  Corporate E-Learning in Japan
A new multibillion-yen business
By Jeff Schnack
  KCS: The "Alternative" Investor
Redefining the term "investment opportunity"
By John Dodd
  Even Blue Dogs Have Their Day
George Rodrigue's canine creation continues to wow Japanese
By Jessie Wilson
  The Importance of Tourist Dollars Not Lost in Translation
Hollywood flicks lure visitors Japan-ward
By Emily Kubo

Exploring Japan

Bamboo Babies and Tea
By Brad Burgess
Primitive Buddhism and Powerful Pickles
By Landon Thorpe
Where Art Meets Tradition
By Bhuvana Radhakrishnan
  Another Kamakura
The Nagoe Kiri-doshi
By Burritt Sabin
  Sankeien Garden
The Inspiration of Sankeien Garden
By Burritt Sabin
Rejuvenating Spirit and Mind
By Bonnie Lee La Madeleine

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