October 2004 Issue

On the cover: Distance can be dangerous

October 2004
No. 60

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October 2004 Issue


  Seasonal Reflections
At the close of summer, many Japanese returned to their hometowns to celebrate the O-bon festival, during which Buddhists believe that their ancestors' spirits return to ...
  Necessary Adjustments
JAPAN has enjoyed a two-year economic expansion, one that has not involved pork barrel spending and has generally been driven by Japan's competitive export-oriented sectors. (more)


  Awesome New Gear
The latest Tech


  Do Not Eat Your SIM Card
Misconceptions surrounding international mobile phones
  Can Anyone Succeed?
Startups in Japan.


  The Risks of Outsourcing
How to secure the outsourcing beast. By Kevin C. Desouza, Yukika Awazu and John Mehling


  An October Anniversary
High over Hokkaido

Investor Insight

  The Looming Oil Shocks
How Japan is going "green."


  Mourning In Japan
Business for the bereaved


  Sakhalin and Kazakhstan: An Oil Policy Primer
An oil policy primer for Asia and the world


  What's In a Name?
The last word

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