Creating Credit

Tadatoshi SenooTadatoshi SenooBy Anna Kitanaka

Freshly launched in October, is Japan’s first social lending site, providing an online auction platform for borrowers and lenders to create their own customized loans.


Economic Outlook: Rounding the Corner

Illustration: We aren’t out of the woods yet...By Michael Condon

So the banks have been saved, what’s next?

After weeks of headlines about the “Nightmare on Wall Street,” one thing has become clear—it’s good for headline writers. But for all the news and analysis, the true nature of the financial meltdown and what will follow has remained decidedly murky.


Bank Buyouts: The Circle of Strife

The return of Japan to Wall Street.By Hugh Ashton

In the bubble years, Japanese companies roamed the globe, seeking status symbols to adorn their corporate portfolios. Now, is history repeating itself?


Inside Out: Thailand

ThailandBy Ellen Bee

A regular column concerning business in an emerging market, and its relationship with Japan.


Eye on Trade: More Than Just Pistachios

PistachiosBy Sarah Noorbakhsh

Although under increasing pressure from the US to sanction Iran, Japan has upheld steady ties with the controversial nation.


High Expectations

Fusion Systems founder Michael Alfant.Michael AlfantBy Darius Jones

When opportunity knocked Michael Alfant took notice, building success from scratch not once, but twice.


Web Development: New Breed

By Michael Condon

J@pan Inc takes a look at some of Tokyo’s most exciting Internet innovators:

Tate, Young, Smith Lewis, Fukuno, Wesseling, SheetalKristopher Tate, Eric Young, Andrew Smith Lewis, Taisuke Fukuno, Marc Wesseling, Michael Sheetal


Finding a Customized IT Solution in Japan

Vincenzo LufinoVincenzo LufinoBy Simon Shida

Now that IT has become such an integral part of business activity, it is important to find the right IT solutions for your business. We talk to Ecotech Japan—a company that can offer just that.


Caught in the Web

Akihabara Murder SceneBy Chris Salzberg

The massacre on June 8 in Akihabara ended with seven killed, more than a dozen injured, and an entire country in a state of shock. It also signaled a profound change in the way people receive their news, and in how they create it.


Virtual Attack

Illustration of a Computer VirusBy Jason Miks

Viruses, spam, hackers, phishing—words that are increasingly familiar yet businesses here are still dangerously behind the times.



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