May 2004 Issue

On the cover: Disc Doctor NakaMats Shakes Up Corporate Japan

"I'm going to live to be 144 years old."

Design: David Beattie

May 2004
No. 55

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May 2004 Issue


  Bizzare Bazaar
In Japan, used-car auctions are a booming business. We visit the busiest auctioneers in their sprawling new Yokohama venue to find out why.
  Inventor's Vengeance
Wacky Doctor NakaMats (Yoshiro Nakamatsu), inventor of the 3.5-inch floppy disk, and the battle for remuneration from corporate Japan.


  Bolster Your Bottom Line Through Recruiting
An improving economy means intense recruitment pressure.


Consensus-seeking, conflict-avoiding, corporate Japan is getting a jolt this year in the form of a mini-rebellion.
  Buzz: The latest talk.
Anime Fair 04, Super CEOs, Koizumi ...
  G-Spot: The latest gadgets.
E-LETS PC, 3CCD VDR, Digital Rangefinder Camera ...
  Tech Talk: The latest tech.
Canon Takes on GE, Panasonic Pushes DVDs ...
  Upfront: A Hollow Hokkaido
A historic village is a microcosm for northern woes.
  Upfront: The Storytellers
David McCaughan and McCann Pulse tell it like it is.
  Voice: From Tokyo to the World
"Go West, young man," say two Tokyo-based media brothers.
  Investor Insight: Terrorism, the US Correction and Japan
Our analyst tackles the terrorism tax and tips on Japan.
  Kansai: Suntory's World-Class Malts
Kansai's very own whisky rebellion.
  Look: Beneath the Beeches
Contemplating lost Japan.


  No More Kotatsu
This month's consumer surveys.

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