July 2004 Issue

On the cover: Book out!

"There is an American resistance to translations, but that doesn't mean they don't sell." -- Beyond the Classics: p32

July 2004
No. 57

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July 2004 Issue


  Beyond The Classics
A New York publisher is bent on selling Japan's fiction.


  G-spot: The latest tech.
Awesome New Gear ...
  Upfront: Out of the Ice Age
Technology to freeze by.
  Buzz: The latest talk.
Chicken Soup In Japan ...
  Upfront: Love Hotel Fund Gets Started
First specialist pink RE fund for Japan.
  In Depth: Auction Procurement--A New Trend?
Foreign firms bring savings via auction.
  Style: Spaces Designed in Tokyo--Just for You
Interiors for the Tokyo traveller.


  Move Over, Mussolini!
This month's consumer surveys.

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