July 2001 Issue

On the cover: This man's got an issue (in more than one sense).
Photograph by Norio Matsunuma

July 2001
No. 21

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July 2001 Issue

In Touch

  From the Editor


  Blue About Japan
Shuji Nakamura invented the blue laser. That was big. If you've got a DVD player, thank this guy. But Nakamura, profoundly disillusioned by his treatment from corporate Japan, saw the light and fled to California.
  Hard Cell
Japan's cellphone giants are about to conquer the planet, right? Wrong. We're not talkin' boomboxes and Walkmans here -- software integration and internationalization are serious barriers.
  Creativity in the Wilderness
The Inter-Cross Creative Center is in Sapporo -- in the middle of nowhere, some Tokyo-ites would say. For the free-spirited inhabitants of ICC, that's the best place to be.


  Drowning in Support?
A "business innovation center" in Osaka stands somewhere between entrepreneurial incubator and pork-barrel spending.
  Maligned Myline
A new service lets Japan's long-gouged phone users more easily pick and choose carriers, but NTT isn't too worried.
  Keyword Culture
A look at the top search terms on the sites of some popular Japanese tech magazines reveals some interesting trends.
  A Weather-Affected, Massively Multiplayer, Java-Based i-Mode Game
An innovative Java handset game shows the growing sophistication of the wireless content business.


  Norio Yanagihara
A professor of international business strategy, he's fostering -- and giving grades to -- tech ventures in Kyoto.
Shigeru Nomura
This editor in chief is heading up a how-to magazine for Japan's ever increasing number of entrepreneurs.


(PDF-formatted file, Acrobat 4.0 or later required)
The rising number of Net users, where people surf, MP3 behavior, and the BS element to interactive TV.
Japan Studies
How romantic are the Japanese?


  From Game Consoles to Game Phones
With the game console market maturing and its revenues slowing, Hokkaido-based developer Hudson Soft turns to the wireless Web.
US Telematics Player Braves Japan
Cellport Systems hopes Japan's drivers will adapt its "server and cellphone-docking station" set-up.
On Our Radar Screen
This month: Venture Republic, CA Mobile, APAS, Net Seeds.

In Parting

  Art Department
Kenji Yanobe's works suggest the digital, but they're handmade and analog.
Hand drills, cotton work gloves, serving trays, playing cards, furoshiki, and uchiwa -- some stuff never gets old.

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