December 2001 Issue

On the cover: We found the old Kyoto spirit quick to catch up with the new in this design by Relieved Dragon.
Designed by Andrew Pothecary

December 2001
No. 26

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December 2001 Issue


  From the Editor
  Space Tourism Blasts Off
Japan is not being left behind in the push to turn space into the next vacation destination.
  How a Mobile Merchant Unexpectedly Turned a Profit
The wireless Web is evolving into more than just a marketing and corporate promotion channel. There's money to be made, too.
Radar Screen
BB Net Corp., Starchild Inc., and Tadatel.
  The Savvy Gaijin Jobseeker
Foreigners are finding that Japan's IT job market is not so friendly anymore.
Financial Authorities Pack a Punch
But are they unfairly targeting foreign firms?
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Violent crime is on the rise; can Japan's cops keep up? And part-timers face tough times.
  Roaming Into Corporate Japan
PDA giant Palm Japan tries to penetrate enterprise space.
  A Vibrant Career Cut Short
The murder of entrepreneur Roger Boisvert leaves a void in the heart of Tokyo's venture community.
  Allen Miner
The CEO of SunBridge says recessions breed creativity in Japan.


  Kyoto: A Blueprint For Japan?
They're laid-back, innovative, and fiercely independent. Meet the entrepreneurs and researchers turning the ancient capital into a high-tech hub.
  Christmas Shopping
All we want for Christmas, Santa, is a humanoid robot, a car navigation system that doubles as a handheld GPS, and a few other cool little gadgets.
  Broadband Wars
A price war has made Japan the cheapest market in the world for broadband services. But when the smoke clears, will Yahoo! BB and others still be standing?


The cost of making money, Japan's tastiest H2O, jailbirds, spending that company bonus, and things we don't like about ourselves.

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