TT-631 -- Is Venture Capital Back in Vogue? ebiz news from Japan.

JVCA member companies investing almost as much in Q1 this year as they did in Q3 of 2008.


TT-630 -- Rare Animals as Pets in Japan -- e-biz news from Japan

You get to see some interesting pets being taken for a walk in the park.


TT-629 -- Small Companies Get in on M&A Trend, e-biz news from Japan

Despite the big numbers, there is also plenty of action at lower levels, like Osaka firm Endo Lighting.


TT-628 -- McDonald's Food ATMs? e-biz news from Japan

The company says that compared to other countries the Japan operation trails far behind in profitability.


TT-627 -- Old People: Savings and Health Liabilities, e-biz news from Japan

Old people own most of the wealth, and young working tax payers cover the oldies' increasing health care bills.


JIN-528 -- Changing Japan's Hive Mind

Consumers may still be wary of adopting a relatively pricey cloud computer, but Google is betting big on this emerging space.

TT-626 -- Why Ohio Shouldn't Cut its Foreign Offices, e-biz news from Japan.

A decision was made a to reduce the Global Markets team and to possibly cut all the foreign offices.


TT-625 -- Why is Hitachi Merging with MHI? e-biz news from Japan

This "merger of equals" would create Japan's second largest company after Toyota.


TT-624 -- Is Rakuten Over-extending? e-biz news from Japan

Japan's largest Internet company announced that it is acquiring Tradoria GmbH, Germany's largest online shopping firm.


TT-623 -- Toyota-Tesla Deal Goes Deep, e-biz news from Japan

Tesla will supply Toyota with power train components for Toyota's 2012 all-Electric Vehicle (EV) RAV4.