TT-569 -- World's Fastest Donki, e-biz news from Japan

Don Quijote is an interesting company, growing by leaps and bounds both through M&A and also through continuing store openings.


TT-568 -- World's Best Beer, e-biz news from Japan

Numazu based craft beer brewery Baird Brewing won gold medals at the World Beer Cup.


TT-567 -- Cloud Computing Heats Up, e-biz news from Japan

There has been a lot of speculation about cloud computing, in its many guises, and what sort of impact it will make in Japan.


TT-566 -- High-priced M&A for Doctor Net, e-biz news from Japan

Noritsu Koki announced that it would buy Tochigi-based telemedicine company called Doctor NET.


TT-565 -- Vacant Houses Going Cheap, e-biz news from Japan

Unoccupied homes, otherwise known as "akiya" in Japan apparently account for about one in eight dwellings.


TT-564 -- How Long to Learn Japanese? E-biz news from Japan

The practical minimum to actually learn and be functional in the language, from zero, is about one year.


TT-563 -- Who's Making Money Out of Carbon Credits? Ebiz news from Japan

Japan as one of the original promoters of the Protocol, is well advanced in emissions trading.


JIN-522 -- Facebook's new walled garden is Asia's SNS opportunity

Facebook's new "Social Plugins" could spell opportunity for Asia's SNS firms.

TT-562 -- Huge Local Fraud Case, ebiz in Japan

Molex outlined a fraud of massive proportions perpetrated by one of its Tokyo-based finance department managers.


TT-561 -- Nikkei Blogging Links Ban, ebiz news from Japan

Given that a lot of Web content revolves around bloggers, we think the Nikkei's stance in banning blogger links is short-sighted.