Compensation Management

Is compensation management just about giving salaries and bonuses? Read on to find more.

Hatoyama restates his government's mission

The 2009 extraordinary Diet session, the first under the leadership of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama's cabinet, opened Monday with a speech by Hatoyama to a Diet populated by an overwhelming majority of parliamentarians from his Democratic Party of Japan...

Domestic and overseas factors a plenty for Japan

More often than not, it is overseas factors that have the largest influence on trading in Japan...

CIA chief warns of coming food, energy, and commodity crisis

Lunch with the Central Intelligence Agency is always interesting, although five guys built like brick shithouses staring at me intently didn’t help my digestion...

TT-539 -- Solar cell insanity, ebiz news from Japan

The market for titanium is glutted so Osaka Titanium has decided to expand its other major product line.


Gates rules out renegotiation

The DPJ has pushed on Futenma — and the Obama administration, in the guise of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, has pushed back...

Monster Mash

Nope, RF(P) stands for Request For Proposal, but there are monsters at this mash.

To those with the attention span of a candy-corn (me included), this aint just paperwork, so pay attention.

Relief for Japanese exporters?

This brief post was inspired by a Bloomberg story on Asian currency strength — a good read, by the way...

I am shocked that you're shocked

It is undoubtedly all over the web, the news reported by Bloomberg that The (aptly named) Galleon's been hit sending her and her booty plummeting to the icy depths...

The Yen’s weakness may prove short lived against the European currencies

The market has only had eyes for the federal deficit and may have ignored the continued flat to weak data coming from Europe and this risks a rebound in the dollar - but cause the Yen to strengthen against the European currencies.