The electoral consequences of Mr. Ozawa

Chiba's gubernatorial election, held Sunday, was viewed by some DPJ members going into the election as a critical test for Ozawa Ichiro's fragile leadership of the party...

The Forex Report

Last week was a relatively quiet week in the forex market. This allowed the yen to weaken on the back of the poor economic numbers which continue to highlight how the dead cat bounce in the domestic economy during the global expansion years is now returning to haunt both the government and Bank of Japan.


JapanSoc: Building Community Online In Japan

What happens when expats in Japan unite their blogs? A new community built for fun and profit.

Out of the rubble

Nearly four years after a scandal exploded over structurally unsafe housing in Japan, the country's government is set to introduce a new system protecting home and condominium owners against defects in construction...

Piracy and the Constitution

Once again the issue of Japanese contributions to international security efforts is the subject of tortured debate...

Japan - The Lost Quarter Century

Despite the fact that Japanese Finance Minister Kaoru Yosano said last Friday that February's fall in the so called "core-core" consumer price index doesn't mean Japan is back in deflation, few are ready to accept his judgement...

JIN-504 -- Sports update: Ozawa fights on

Possible TKO but Dark Prince of the democratic process stays on.

The end of the beginning

Ozawa Ichiro indicated, in a tearful press conference Tuesday evening, that he will stay on as DPJ president despite the indictment of his chief public secretary — but Ozawa's statement may have only been the end of the beginning of the final act of Ozawa's long career...