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Robert Sanzalone is a technology writer, consultant and educator based in Nagoya, Japan. Born, raised and educated in Vancouver, Canada, Robert graduated from the University of British Columbia with a major in Political Science. Though early thoughts of being the next Prime Minister of Canada established early roots as a local candidate and representative, Robert's life changed when he was introduced to a visiting group of university students from Tokyo (Hachioji), Japan. From that point forward he has maintained a life-long commitment to accurately share the thoughts, actions and business of the Japanese people.

After living in Tokyo in the early 90s, Robert returned to Canada and pursued a career in technology. He has been a manager in a multi-media college, a technology adviser and trainer for a major Canadian financial institution as well as a business owner for his own incorporated consulting and training company, pacificIT. His clients have included the Real Estate Board of Vancouver and the Canadian Federal Government.

In 2006 Robert married and decided with his new bride to settle in the mid-sized metropolis of Nagoya, Japan (two hours by bullet train from Tokyo). The couple immediatly began connecting with the Japanese technology community and soon after established a network branded under the Blognation Japan banner. This community eventually became TechTalkJapan, an online network still actively connecting today.

Presently Robert is a contributor to the Asiajin blog, a technology writer for Japan Inc., and a technology consultant for various businesses and entrepreneurs in Japan and North America.


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