GW-275 -- The Hottest Gizmos and Gadgets from Japan

eRevolution Segnity, Hitachi IV-R1000 & Kenwood Media Keg HD60GD9 covered in the latest from Gadget Watch Read Now

JIN-433 -- Meet Mr Fukuda

Yasuo Fukuda, the new Japanese PM, is grey, sober, unexciting. But what does this mean for the world? This week we look at some of the key international relationships that he will have to engage with. Read Now

Terrie's Job Tips -- Team Training: Part Six - Cultural Wrap-up

In the last installment on this training series, I'd like to cover a grab bag of cultural considerations that I have come across in my career. These relate strongly to last week's article about hardened sales guys and how to get through to them. This time around, we look at how to manage the coach-team scenario in a cultural context and how to avoid predetermined or possibly negative outcomes.


TT-438 -- Did MBK pay too much for Yayoi? E-biz news from Japan

In the last week of August, a private equity firm that few had heard of, MBK Partners, won an auction to buy the accounting software firm Yayoi from Livedoor Holdings for an estimated JPY71bn (US$617m). Was this figure worth it? What does this say about M&A culture in Japan? Read Terrie's Take Now


Sept/Oct 2007 Issue

Sept/Oct 2007Sept/Oct 2007

On the cover: Legal Special

Jury System
Legal Awards

Intellectual Property in Japan

Sept/Oct 2007
No. 73

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GW-274 -- The Hottest Gizmos and Gadgets from Japan

The future is upon us as we move forward with using vein and fingerprint recognition, saying good-bye to the old days of using passwords and keycards.
Robots are also coming into play with the Rolly - a robot music player which you shake and twist to control and you let roll around on the floor to reverberate as speakers.
And finally, a Bluetooth compatible Yamaha speaker to connect to music players, phones and PCs. Read Now

Message from the Publisher

Terrie LlyodTerrie LloydBy Terrie Lloyd
Although many people feel that Japan is already doing quite a bit to improve the environment, with solar cells, hybrid cars, and power-saving air conditioners, these ‘contributions’ are not stopping people buying and burning more energy and producing greenhouse gasses in record quantities. Despite the massive global PR and economic benefits that Japan would reap if it took leadership on this issue, I’m surprised how little direction is being shown by government.


JIN-432 -- An inspector calls: financial regulation in Japan

This week’s newsletter looks at the problems faced by foreign financial institutions in Japan and questions whether the much-hyped arrival of new laws (J-SOX) to prevent the occurrence of scandals such as Livedoor and Murakami, will stand any chance of making an impact. Read Now

Terrie's Job Tips -- Team Training: Part Five - Winning Over Hardened Teams

One of the biggest challenges for a non-Japanese manager to deal with is when they are parachuted into a situation and are required to take on, train, and motivate a battle hardened crew of veterans - particularly sales, administration, or customer support veterans. This situation most frequently happens when you are part of a merger with a Japanese firm, a joint venture, or you have been appointed to replace an under-performing manager in a foreign-owned business that has been left too long on its own, and whose employees have forgotten who they actually work for.