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On June 1st this year, the government passed a mystifying
piece of legislation banning the mail order and Internet
sale of Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. Mystifying because
while the move was ostensibly to protect the public from
the side effects of improper drug usage, yet to our knowledge
there had not been a single consumer complaint about ill
effects from taking an OTC drug due to it being bought in this

We are sure that sooner or later there would have been
someone who'd take their drugs wrongly and blamed the
Internet or mail order company involved. However, until
June 1st 2009, tens of thousands of people around Japan
were happily buying and taking OTC drugs from Rakuten and
others. They could buy online and within 1-2 days the order
would show up conveniently at their home, anywhere in the
country. But now they have to make a trip in to town -- not
so easy for the disabled, new mothers, and the elderly, just
so they can be told by a semi-trained retailer how to take
a drug they've likely bought many times before (else they'd
have gone to see a doctor first) -- which doesn't sound like a
step forward to us.

Instead of public safety, it is easier to believe that the
Health Ministry changed the rules in order to protect
established OTC retailers, who no doubt were starting to feel
threatened by the rapid build-up of business by Rakuten,, and others. Indeed, before the law changed,
Rakuten's Mikitani reckoned that the non-retail store drug
market already was worth about 79.7 billion yen ($866 million dollars) 2007,
of which 36.3 billion yen ($394 million dollars) was being sold over Internet.
That sales channel all but disappeared on June 1st.

Such is the power of Japan's bureaucracy.

[Continued below...]

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[...Article continues]

The winners in this tug-of-war were not just the drug store
chains, but also supermarkets and convenience stores that
agreed to hire and/or train suitable staff to advise
customers on the usage of OTC drugs. With such para-medical
staff on hand, these types of stores can sell about 90% of
OTC drugs registered in Japan. Of course, getting these
staff trained is time-consuming (i.e., costly), so another winner
is APO Plus Station company and other temp agencies
specializing in medical information staff.

One wonders why the government couldn't have allowed the
Internet companies to simply set up call centers for
consumers wanting advice on drugs. Whether or not you talk
to a customer buying drugs in person or talk to them over
the phone, that fact remains that you still don't have
control over their actual usage of the drugs once they
leave the store -- so having modestly trained people on
the premises looks like a smoke screen for a piece of
protective legislation.

Perhaps as just deserts, while the mom and pop dispensaries
and drug store chains thought the new legislation would
protect them from the low overheads and cost-cutting of the
internet retailers, in actual fact, a price war has been
unleashed among retailers over the supply of OTC drugs.
Less than a month after the rules changed, Daiei said it
would cut prices on 280 OTC remedies by as much as 55 percent.
Others such as Ito-Yokado and Aeon responded by cutting
their prices by 20 percent or more as well.

But possibly the best form of revenge of all comes from, which announced last week (October 27th), that,
well if it couldn't sell OTC drugs online in Japan, then it
would offer them to self-importers online from Singapore. has assembled an impressive line-up of 2,500
products, including many Japanese OTC drugs, and is making
them available with rapid and sometimes free shipping from
Singapore, for payments in Japanese yen. is taking advantage of the informal "personal
import" allowance that the Japanese Health Ministry has
made available to residents who want to use foreign drugs
and can't get them in Japan. No seems to know why Japan
has this personal import allowance, but we assume that its
a safety valve for people who might otherwise have to
break the law to get needed remedies. Japan's very strict
OTC product testing regulations appear to be designed to
protect local manufacturers, and the Health Ministry has
probably rightly assumed that a safety valve is much more
desirable than some high profile court cases over personal
rights and freedoms.

We think it's a great system -- self-import is so easy to do.

Currently the Health Ministry allows anyone using the post
office and/or a proper courier company to self-import from
foreign mail order and web retail companies: 1) drugs and
quasi-drugs, up to 2 months' supply; 2) poisonous/powerful
or prescription drugs, up to 1 month's supply; and 3)
external-use drugs, up to 24 pieces. The definition of a
"piece" is very open to interpretation, but basically seems
to mean 24 separate jars or bottles of the drug. Cosmetics
are also allowed in 24-unit lots. is not the first company to sell drugs to
Japanese from abroad using the personal import allowance,
but it is the first to do so on a mass level and for the
specific purpose of subverting the nation's health rules.
The company reckons that it is keeping the Health Ministry
up to date on its activities, and that it has legal advice
that it is allowed to market the drugs domestically so long
as it doesn't actually sell them here.

While that may well be, we think that if's
response proves popular, it will be seen as a threat to the
new legislation and could well provoke a negative reaction
from the Health Ministry, causing them to change the rules
on self-importation and thus damaging this very convenient
supply route for everyone else. We sincerely hope that moderates its marketing activities and in
particular takes care not to stimulate an extreme reaction
from the bureaucrats.

On the other hand, we have to admit that if is
successful, and if the Health Ministry decides not to
react, then this will pave the way for other local online
players and for foreign firms who otherwise could not sell
their products in Japan, to start a similar sales model
themselves. Indeed, this could be the start of a massive
change in the availability of drugs and cosmetics that
otherwise can't be sold in Japan. All it will take is an
on-the-ground marketing organization, quick and convenient
shipping, and a means of dealing with customer complaints
in Japanese.

Interesting times...


For over 20 years we have watched the good works of The
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day, 365 days a year, they have been there for the
International Community with help ranging from emergency
assistance to help with day to day problems.

Ken regularly copies us on the many appeals they get from
foreigners all over the country, having personal crises and
begging for help. Ken selflessly responds to each person
and works through their problems -- seeing the police,
talking to immigration, landlords, and embassies, arranging
repatriation of coffins and belongings, and much more

It's a thankless task, and recently with the financial
crisis the donations to The Japan Helpline have fallen
dramatically. In times like these when things are tough, we
need The Japan Helpline even more. But they rely 100 percent on
private donations to keep going.

So we appeal to our readers to join us in being one of
their "One Hundred Club" members. If just 100 people sign
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...The information janitors/


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+++ NEWS

- Unemployment insurance costs to go up
- Spongy material hardens on exposure to magnetism
- Nomura Q2 results improve
- HK gets working holiday deal with Japan
- Major new lithium battery plant

-> Unemployment insurance costs to go up

Of the two things in life we can be sure of, death and
taxes, the government's Labor Policy Council has
announced that in 2010 the tax part, unemployment
insurance premiums from workers and their employers
will go up. The premiums will increase from 0.8 percent to 1.2 percent
next year, meaning that a person earning JPY300,000/month
will now be paying JPY3,600 instead of the current
JPY2,400. (Source: TT commentary from, Oct
29, 2009)

-> Spongy material hardens on exposure to magnetism

The "Blob" has competition, in the form of a sponge-like
material invented by a Yamagata University research team.
The new material hardens dramatically when exposed to a
magnetic field. The degree of hardening can be controlled,
meaning that the substance can "dialed up" for specific
levels of dampening and cushioning, by changing the
strength of the magnetic field applied to it. The material
will be used for furniture and vehicles, to adjust
vibration versus firmness. The material contains iron
oxide granules that align and stiffen the material when
magnetized. (Source: TT commentary from, Oct
29, 2009)

-> Nomura Q2 results improve

Nomura Holdings has announced that its international
revenue exceeded its domestic revenue for the first time,
and that as a result of improving financial markets, it was
able to record a net profit of 27.72 billion yen in Q2 versus a
loss of 72.87 billion yen in Q2 last year. Most of the foreign
revenue apparently came from wholesale banking rather than
brokerage, although Nomura played up its Lehman connections
in getting several major M&A mandates. ***Ed: While we were
sceptical of Nomura's ability to be able to buy and
properly absorb the Lehman acquisition, it looks like they
are indeed getting over their early indigestion. We notice,
though, that the WSJ article doesn't clearly identify the
Nomura bounce back to profit as due to the Lehman business
and instead just implies it did. Do we detect a bit of
spin-meistering here?** (Source: TT commentary from, Oct 28, 2009)

-> HK gets working holiday deal with Japan

Japan and Hong Kong have agreed to start a Working Holiday
program between the two countries from January 1st, 2010.
This will be HK's fifth working holiday deal after New
Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and Germany, and will provide
for 250 young people a year from HK to travel and work
legally in Japan. According to Xinhua, already 9,200 HK
youths have participated in the program with the existing
four nations. ***Ed: The Working Holiday program is in our
opinion is the single most important means of interchange
between young people of the various participating nations.
Many Australians and other nationals traveling to live and
work in Japan in the 1980's and 1990's wound up staying,
marrying, and working here long term. Indeed, yours' truly
(Terrie) was one of the first wave to do so back in 1983.**
(Source: TT commentary from, Oct 27, 2009)

-> Major new lithium battery plant

We have lost track of how many major new lithium battery
plants are being built in Japan and which will come on
stream in 2010, but we believe that the value of
investments would easily surpass 300 billion yen ($3.26 billion dollars). The
latest big factory announcement comes from Toshiba, which
says that it will invest 25 billion yen ($274 million dollars) in a new lithium
battery production facility in Niigata. The company expects
to produce around 500,000 battery cells a month for
electric vehicles. Toshiba will be producing its SCiB
battery, which can be recharged to 90 percent of its capacity in
just five minutes. ***Ed: Who says that Li-ion batteries
"aren't there" yet?** (Source: TT commentary from, Oct 30, 2009)

NOTE: Broken links
Many online news sources remove their articles after just a
few days of posting them, thus breaking our links -- we
apologize for the inconvenience.

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Labor and Employment Law Update seminar.

1.Review of provisions of the current statute
- Basic regulations on working hours and holidays
- Overtime work and overtime work allowances
- Annual paid leave

- Increase ratio of overtime work allowances
- Unit of the annual paid leave
- Substitute holidays
- Child care and Family care leave

Date: Thursday, November 19, 2009 1:30PM-5:00PM
Venue: Happo-en (5F, Linden) (1-1-1 Shirokanedai Minato-ku)
Fee: 20,000yen +Tax

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Number of seats: 50 seats
Language: English
Speaker: Hideki Kano (Anderson, Mori & Tomotsune LLP)

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