Reflections on Wheels

The 1937 Jaguar SS100By Timothy Coghlan -- Inspired by two grand automotive events in Tokyo at the end of last year, Timothy Coghlan shares his thoughts on the automotive industry and the changes in consumer trends, brand strategy and the car market in Japan. -- How many of you remember the first car you owned, or the family car when you were a child? I’m sure most of us do. And how often do you see cars from those bygone eras on the streets of Tokyo?


One Village One Product

One Village One Product - MalawiBy Willhemina Wahlin & Dr Kaoru Natsuda -- Japan’s rural entrepreneurial scheme goes abroad -- The One Village One Product scheme is a way of rethinking the possibilities for small, rural populations, introducing ways to re-brand what they do best. Founded in the Kyushu prefecture of Oita over 20 years ago, it’s now being exported to some of the world’s Least Developed Countries. Still riddled with challenges, its greatest potential is the entrepreneurial independence it encourages in many of the world’s poorest communities.


Arrivals And Departures

Arrivals and DeparturesBrief biographies of who's coming and going in the foreign business community. -- In collaboration with Santa Fe Relocation Services Japan KK, the J@pan Inc Arrivals & departures column takes a look at some of the key figures of Japan's expatriate business community who are either just landing in Japan or flying off to new places.


Back And Forward

Back And Forward - Prices on the riseBy Ken Worsley -- Back and Forward is a regular column that takes a slightly irreverent look at some of Japan’s biggest business stories.

Prices on the rise - Taxi Tax - Michelin sells out - Ratings agencies in trouble? - More junk for sale! - Media Watch


Classic Crossword

Classic CrosswordCompiler: Burnaby -- J@pan Inc is offering a prize of two free tickets to see Tokyo Sinfonia—Japan’s finest chamber orchestra conducted by Robert Ryker. All correctly completed entries will be entered into our prize draw.




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