GW-258 -- Sony Personal Communicator "mylo", PBJ SmartCaddie EX, Fujitsu Ten AVN7406HD

It's a rare occurrence that Sony Electronics USA's original products make their way back to the shores of the Motherland.

GW-257 -- Portable Speakers for iPod, PFU HappyHacking Keyboard, Sony Walkman S700F/S600F

Logicool, known to much of the rest of the world as "Logitech," is releasing a nice active speaker accessory for all modern versions of the iPod.


GW-256 -- Pioneer HDD Raku Navi, Sony MDR-D777SL, Hitachi HMR-1

The Gist: Pioneer is letting lose several new models of their "HDD Raku Navi" series of in-car navigation systems. All five models have a 234 x 480 dot 7" widescreen LCD and 30GB hard drive.

GW-255 -- Sigma APO Systems Rotino, Panasonic Words Gear, Thanko FMP3 Watch

The Gist: Sigma APO will be releasing what qualifies as the "World's Smallest laser mouse" next month. And it's only 2,980 yen!

GW-254 -- Buffalo "Choi Tele (DH-ONE/U2)", Elecom TK-U09FG, Microsoft Xbox 360 HD DVD Player

The Gist: It seems we spoke too soon last week when we told you about Logitec's USB One-Seg tuner. The one that gives you the capability to add One-Seg reception to virtually any PC running Windows 2000 or XP. That's because Buffalo has come along and one-upped Logitec.

GW-253 -- Video games, One-Seg tuner, Digital video recorder

The Gist: The "Wii" is the latest video game console from Nintendo, and it's slated to be released on December 2nd of this year in Japan. Fans of Nintendo are probably already familiar with the console and its capabilities, but we'll cover them here in Gadget Watch for those that
may not have heard about it.

GW-252 -- Desktop PC, Navigation System, LCD TV

The Gist: Whether you want to call Sharp's "Internet AQUOS"
an LCD TV with a computer or a computer with an LCD TV is
your choice. Sharp has decided to categorize it as the former.

GW-251 -- Rock an' Roll with ZMP's miuro

The miuro is a two-wheeled audio player that rolls around playing music for you.

GW-250 -- Toshiba's REGZA H2000 Series Is Chock-a-block With Features of the Digital TV revolution

Features include a double tuner, allowing you to watch terrestrial digital and analog broadcasts at the same, and an Electronic Programming Guide, which will, for example, automatically adjust the recording if a baseball game runs over.

GW-249 -- Kimura Metal Industry Unveils the World's Thinnest Keyboard

Made of silicon encased in vinyl, this waterproof keyboard can be wound up when not in use.


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