GW-268 -- Onkyo KB-1, KM-1W, JVC XA-AW33, Panasonic HDC-SD3

The Gist: Onkyo is gearing up for the introduction of the 'KB-1' keyboard and 'KB-1W' keyboard and mouse sets later this month. It probably seems a bit odd for Onkyo, who primarily deals in audio/video components, to be coming
out with such products. But that's where the fun comes in, because these...

GW-267 -- Tascam MP-GT1, Sanyo Xacti DMX-HD2, Sony ICD-SX77, SX67

Proficiency with a guitar and attraction of women appear to have a positive correlation in many social situations, so any tool to catalyze the reaction is met with open arms. Teac is launching the 'MP-GT1' MP3 player in their 'TASCAM' brand later this month...

GW-266 -- Toshiba SD-H903A, Bluedot BTV-400K, mbco MBR0201A/S, Brother MPrint

The Gist: Toshiba is getting ready to release the first HD DVD recorder that fits inside of your PC: the "SD-H903A." It's unlikely that you'll actually see the drive actually marketed towards consumers by Toshiba, because you'll probably see it packaged as a product by Buffalo, I/O Data, or another OEM customer.

GW-265 -- Cyber Gadget USB FM Transmitter, Buffalo HDV-ROM2.4FB, Bandai Tamagotchi Music Fever

Cyber Gadget deals primarily in video game accessories, but they have just announced a slightly interesting new product called the "USB FM Transmitter." You're probably familiar with the concept of an FM transmitter, but just in case, here it is again: audio signals are broadcasted over FM frequencies.

GW-264 -- Kenwood KSC-SS10, Kenwood HD10GB7, Seagrand XR003 X-REX

The Gist: For car audio fans this week comes Kenwood's "KSC-SS10" satellite speakers. They're already available in Japan for around 25,000 yen per pair.

GW-263 -- Thanko Gold Bullion Hub, Epson Endeavor ST100, Sharp Papyrus PW-TC900

Name: Thanko Gold Bullion Hub - Category: PC peripheral - Price: 5,980 yen. The Gist: Fool your friends and family for just a few seconds with Thanko's new "Gold Bullion Hub." ...

Name: Epson Endeavor ST100 - Category: Desktop PC - Price: 50,400 yen. The Gist: The Epson Endeavor ST100 isn't much bigger than the Thanko Gold Bullion Hub. In fact, it's almost the same weight. Measuring 75 x 185 x 195mm ...

Name: Sharp Papyrus PW-TC900 - Category: Electronic dictionary - Price: Open Price; estimated around 50,000 yen - The Gist: It looks like even electronic dictionaries are falling victim to convergence...

GW-262 -- Sony Pocket Bit Mini - Buffalo BOMU-W24A/BL - Thanko MP4 Watch

The Gist: At 1.5 grams apiece, you probably won't even remember you're carrying one of Sony's latest "Pocket Bit Mini" USB memory devices. And they aren't much larger than the USB port itself.

GW-261 -- USB Attakamouse, Sharp MPE-300, Panasonic HDC-SD1

With most traditional Japanese housing offering no centralized heating, or even "proper" insulation, it's no mystery why any foreigners accustomed to such luxuries feel cold during their first winters in Japan.

GW-260 -- iRiver Japan S10, Sanyo eneloop solar charger, Casio Privia PX-800

he "S10" from iRiver Japan is what the company calls "Memorial Stamp-sized." It is officially positioned as a wearable portable audio player, and it includes a set of earphones integrated with the neck strap.

GW-259 -- Kokuyo memoribo W, Extreme HARD GLASS CD, Wacom FAVO HELLO KITTY Edition

Office supply company Kokuyo has announced a new version of their memoribo," what they are calling an "Electronic Word Card."


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