GW-279 -- The Hottest Gadgets and Gizmos from Japan

Mac OS X Leopard,wooden IT paraphenalia from Marubeni and 'MUSIC PRJECT' from Sony and AU make up these weeks Gadget Watch. Don't miss out on the chance to find out the future of gizmos and gadgets in Japan. Read Now

GW-278 -- The Hottest Gizmos and Gadgets from Japan

This week's Gadget Watch looks at Panasonic's wireless headphones, Sony's next generation car navigation system and Clarion's 'modern living' car audio-system.

GW-277 -- The Hottest Gadgets and Gizmos from Japan

Matsushita Electric's 'Blu-ray DIGA,' Kenwood's Media Keg audio player and Toshiba's gigashot A digital camera are the subjects of this week's Gadget Watch Read Now

GW-276 -- The Hottest Gizmos and Gadgets from Japan

This weeks Gadget Watch takes a look at the world's first use of EL display technology on TVs and Sony's localization marketing tactic to sell their new Sony Walkman NW-A910.
Gadget Watch also takes a look at Hitachi's new LCD projector with bendable mirror, due to be released in January of next year.Read Now

GW-275 -- The Hottest Gizmos and Gadgets from Japan

eRevolution Segnity, Hitachi IV-R1000 & Kenwood Media Keg HD60GD9 covered in the latest from Gadget Watch Read Now

GW-274 -- The Hottest Gizmos and Gadgets from Japan

The future is upon us as we move forward with using vein and fingerprint recognition, saying good-bye to the old days of using passwords and keycards.
Robots are also coming into play with the Rolly - a robot music player which you shake and twist to control and you let roll around on the floor to reverberate as speakers.
And finally, a Bluetooth compatible Yamaha speaker to connect to music players, phones and PCs. Read Now

GW-273 -- The Hottest Gizmos and Gadgets from Japan

A collaboration between Bandai and Buffalo has produced a child-safety computer to stop kids being subjected to the dangers of the internet.
Epson have brought out a new LCD projector with a amazing contrast and the ability to create a 100inch screen.
To go with the projector, Sony's new LocationFree Home HD enables us to transport audio and video signals inside and outside the home.

GW-272 -- The Hottest Gizmos and Gadgets from Japan

Gadget Watch is a round up of the latest new gadgets and gizmos breaking into the markey in Japan. Read Now

GW-271 -- The Hottest Gizmos and Gadgets from Japan

Name: SD-HDC032GT4, SD-HC016GT4, SD-MH008GA
Category: Flash memory card
Price: Open Price
Release date in Japan: January 2008
For this and other new gadgets Read More

GW-269 -- Logitec LDS-iALARM, Panasonic Toughbook CF-08,Panasonic Viera PZ700 series

The Gist: Logitec aims to replace even your alarm clock with the new 'LDS-iALARM,' a take-off on the standard iPod dock. The iALARM more closely resembles an alarm clock than it does anything else. The concept is straightforward: just insert your 4th gem or greater iPod or 1st/2nd generation iPod nano into the
iALARM's Dock connector. The iPod itself has an alarm function, but such a function is slightly hard to use with headphones alone. The iALARM acts as a speaker, so you... Read Now



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