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August 2002 Issue


  Taking Japan to the World - The High-Tech Export Market
Roll up, roll up -- get the best of Japanese technology fresh to your door today.
  Up for the (Robo)Cup
Robots take to the pitch in Fukuoka.
  Faux Four Trump J'Elvis
Elvis may be back from the grave to top the hit parade but the Japanese love the Beatles more.
  Just-in-Time Wine
Two Americans have what it takes to keep vintage wines on Tokyo tables.
  The Creative Life
Online 'zine Shift keeps the design world connected. Craig Mod reports.
  The Pulse 2 - the best of J@pan Inc's newsletters
Gadget Watch, Wireless Watch and Music Media Watch
  Mom's Mutt Makes Money
Give your dog a "Beckham cut"
  File-Swappers Download 75 Million Music Files
About 1.45 million people in Japan have illegally downloaded 75 million music files with file-swapping software, according to a survey...
  The Lonely Launch of the eMac
The eMac is out!!! ... and nobody cares.
  Microsoft To Sony: This War ain't Over Yet
Microsoft Japan has a message for Sony
  Unused Patents Could Prove a Boon to Japanese Companies
  From The Editor


  Two of a Kind - Man & Ape
Humans and apes have a lot in common, including much of their genome, but why are Japanese scientists racing to unravel the simian gene? Sara Harris explains.
  Economic Bondage
Western credit rating agencies say Japan's government is addicted to debt, but the bureaucrats are fighting back, claiming the ratings are way out of line. The J@pan Inc editors search for economic truths amid the mudslinging.
  The Recycling Champs
As recycling laws restrict Japanese tendencies to dump unwanted goods, more small enterprises are finding ways to profit and prove that muck = brass.


  From Ticket Reservations to Phones as Tickets and Money -- Part 2
Smartcards are about to bring us more than just travel passes. Part two of our special report.
What's keeping e-government bogged down?


Strap hanging delays, trustworthy foreigners and the best of the US in Japan.

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