Mom's Mutt Makes Money

Back to Contents of Issue: August 2002

During June countless acres of newsprint were devoted to coverage of the World Cup and its galaxy of stars. Naturally, the unexpected success of Japan's team generated a lot of exposure, particularly for its tonsurely gifted players. Inamoto, Toda et al inspired legions of copycat 'look at me' hairstyles, but one Tokyo hairstylist has gone even further.

Tomoko Hiratsuka of Todaju in Kokubunji, Tokyo, decided to give her mother's dog a 'Beckham cut' after scores of customers requested she make them look like England's golden-boy skipper. Now, when she takes Lucky for a stroll, the dog's version of bekkamu heya grabs both attention and customers. Hiratsuka says: "Lucky's hair seems to draw stares wherever we go -- she loves it and so do I, as it inspires people to ask where they can get the trendy cut too."

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