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Michael Thuresson, Jon Metzler, Sohbi Iida

MICHAEL THURESSON (The Art of Killing Time Online, page 34) spent a little over two years in Japan as a technology journalist. He has covered everything from the South Korean broadband market to wireless hotspots for J@pan Inc. But as the 2002 baseball season heated up in North America, he started to desperately miss ESPN's Sportscenter, and last June, he moved back to southern California. He continues to cover the Japanese and US wireless industries as a freelance writer.

JON METZLER ('Gamemaking God' Turns to the Small Screen, page 36) is a Japan business development consultant based in San Francisco. He has five years experience living in Japan, where he engaged in various and sundry activities ranging from bartending at a "snack" to working as an editor for Asahi Shimbun Publications, to working as a "fixer" for CBS at the Nagano Winter Olympics. More recently, he had a hand in launching Shockwave Japan and the Tokyo office for brand consultancy Prophet. He is a recent graduate of the MBA/MA-Asian Studies program at UC-Berkeley with a thesis on startup entrepreneurship in Japan. Jon can be reached at

SOHBI IIDA (Turning the Criminality Absurd into Art, page 10) is a bilingual journalist currently based in London. She moved to London in September 2001 to study journalism at University of Westminster. Ever since, she has been writing for Nikkei Ecology,a magazine on environment of the UK and European environmental sector. She also works as a translator and interpreter. During her spare time, she enjoys dancing, especially ballet, which she started at the age of four. Recently, she began writing about ballet in London.

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