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February 2003 Issue


  From the Editor
Tatsumi's struggle to rebuild the OSE is one of many recent examples of change percolating in Japan. The odds may be against him, but I wouldn't count him out.
  More Than Meets the Eye
Why are the banks reacting so strongly to the supposedly watered down Financial Revival Program?
  Ready to Rock
KDDI's song clip download service could be the next hot item in mobile content.
  Keitai Cartoon Antics Get Personal
The latest craze is turning yourself into an animated character.
  Home is Where the Car Ads Are
New Zealand's pristine countryside is dotted with camera crews.
  Turning the Criminally Absurb into Art
Issey Ogata and Kaori Momoi look at the dark side of life in Japan and laugh about it.
  Pulse 2
The Best of J@pan Inc's Newsletters: Gadget Watch, Wireless Watch and Music Media Watch
  Goodbye to the Glory Days
Trading houses shift from being all-around elites to focused middlemen.
  Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Eyes Stake in Aozora Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking is thinking of buying all of the approximately 49 percent stake that finacially troubled Softbank holds in Aozora Bank.
  Can Japan Come Back? The Pacific Council Thinks So
"We believe that the fashionable notion of a Japan in inexorable decline is misleading," the council's task force says.
  Ghosn, Other Business Leaders Call For More Foreign Investment
Increase in foreign direct investment on the cards? Lets see if Koizumi can translate his words into action.
  Ishihara's Tokyo Revival Bonds Start Strong
Tokyo Govenor Shintaro Ishihara is not alone in trying to diversify the source of local government's revenue, but he has a special way of getting public attention.
  Coming Next Month in J@pan Inc
The Bare Knuckle Success Story of K1, Investing in Tokyo Real Estate and more...
  To the Editor
When, oh when, will the myth of "lifetime" employment be laid to rest?
  The Story of J@pan Inc
In 1999, while trying to come up with a name for our new technology magazine, we hit upon J@pan Inc.
Michael Thuresson, Jon Metzler, Sohbi Iida


  The OSE Is Not Dead Yet
Goro Tatsumi's ambitious plan to revive the Osaka Stock Exchange post-Nasdaq may just work. Alex Stewart reports.
  Love in the Age of Spam
Online dating sites prove that looking for love is a recession-proof industry.
  The Art of Killing Time Online
Transpacific alliances are all the rage in the booming business of wireless gaming.
  'Gamemaking God' Turns to the Small Screen But will his sports games make it in Japan?
People like to play games, move and communicate. And this all points to a potentially large market for interactive gaming on mobile phones.


  Cable TV: Lots of Viewers, Little Profit
The cable TV audience grows, but profit is hard to come by.
What the right-wingers are singing, talking on your keitai, and the cost of picking up garbage.

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