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The Bare Knuckle Success Story of K1, Investing in Tokyo Real Estate and more...

Ready to Rumble: The Bare Knuckle Success Story of K1 -- We'll take you inside the world of the fantastically popular K1 and Pride fight scene. Seventy five thousand fans packed the Tokyo Dome in late 2002 to watch their favorites duke it out. Big events are planned for 2003 as well. Where does the money go? Why is this rough sport so popular with young Japanese women? And how has Japan become the world's K1 capital?

Investing in Tokyo Real Estate -- An expert walks us through the pluses and minuses of buying land in and around the nation's capital. Land prices have been sinking for more than a decade and have dropped 70 percent from their peak, but you can still get taken to the cleaners buying Tokyo land if you're not careful. We'll provide you with a primer to help you make educated decisions. The rest is up to you.

A Wake Up Call for Tokyo's Quiet, Little Hideaway -- Most people forget that greater Tokyo includes a string of islands far to the south in the Pacific. The Ogasawara island chain provides some of the best diving and most pristine ocean views Japan has to offer. But plans for an airport may upset the fine balance. Will the Ogasawara island chain win when economic development comes its way?

Plus: gadgetry at its finest, company profiles, political analysis, completely useless trivia and translucent sheets of blowfish.

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