Top Java Downloads on Cellphones

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Which i-Appli apps are popular?

imode phone

We got to wondering which i-Appli downloads were most popular. What are i-Appli? Java apps for your cellphone. The folks at Giga Appli obliged us:

1. Jan-GO tonight
Mah-jongg game. (The game this is linked to works only on the N503i handset, but it became No. 1 anyway. Shows how popular not only the game is, but the N series handsets as well.)

2. Petit Quest
Adventure game featuring a boy getting lost in the woods

Pinball game

4. The Ice Tower
Puzzle game

5. Let's keep tropical fish
Screen saver that lets you keep tropical fish in your keitai

6. Unko (shit) Panic
Toilet game (catch as many falling turds as possible and flush them down the toilet bowl)

7. UNO on Keitai
Small-screen version of the popular card game

8 .i-medal slot
Slot machine--type game

Tomato-throwing game

10. F1GP2001
Car racing game


Note: Giga Appli ( , by GiGaflops Japan) had registered 573 i-Appli applications, including 263 official and 310 unofficial ones, as of 4/16. Since some individual developers just make applications on PCs and don't have the actual handset to test them on, certain unofficial apps don't work well on the i-Appli handsets. According to a spokesperson at GiGaflops, 30 percent of the apps submitted to its site were not usable on normal handsets (it didn't register them, of course). GiGaflops tests all the applications and lets users know which handsets they're compatible with. There are several other i-Appli collection sites as well, such as iAppli@, iAppli Link, Appli Get, and i-Appli Now.

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