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June 2001 Issue

In Touch

  From the Editor


  Takeshi Natsuno: The Incrementalist
The man responsible for content management and business model strategy development at NTT DoCoMo says he wants an evolution, not a revolution.
  Mission Impossible For Broadband Providers?
Japan is witnessing a "rash" -- as one NTT exec puts it -- of broadband upstarts. But do any of these challengers stand a chance against NTT?
  Grading the Exchanges
It's been a year since Nasdaq Japan and 18 months since Mothers launched. They were supposed to help high-tech startups go public and raise money. Are they doing what they were designed to do?


  A New Way to Read the Morning Paper
One of Japan's largest newspapers is trying an interesting online publishing experiment.
  Idees Fortes
Wireless newspaper delivery to your home -- anywhere in your home.
  Caffeine Junkies Get Free Broadband
An oasis of free, fast Net access hopes to draw in the coffee-sipping masses -- and demo the latest in desktops, notebooks, and ISP offerings.
The "five hot startups" we picked in September 2000 turned out to be, well, hot. And the high-tech sushi joint we covered in March has added a new touch.
  When Population Density is a Plus
In April we told you about Japan's wireless P2P scene, which could lead to a new kind of person-to-person network. The idea is catching on.
  Top Java Downloads on Cellphones
Which i-Appli apps are popular?


  Henry Scott Stokes
The urbane author of A Hundred Samurai Companies discusses the state of financial journalism and the role of small and medium-sized companies in the Japanese economy.
Atsuki Ishida
The CEO of aims to make the free ISP business model a profitable one.


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This month: The entrepreneurial stigma; Xbox vs. PS2; B2C e-com growth; the keitai generation; Asian wireless subscribers.
Japan Studies
Attitudes are hardening toward foreign workers in Japan.


  Special Report: Online Brokers
More Japanese than ever are trading online, and despite the market downturn, Web brokers are booming. But how many will survive?
The Other i-modes
Fifteen million happy non-DoCoMo users can't all be wrong.
On Our Radar Screen
Ventures we're keeping an eye on: Video News Network, Enfour, ImaHima.
Fishing For Online Riches
An Osaka-based outdoor goods vendor gets more than just nibbles on its site.

In Parting

  Art Department
Graphic designer Hajime Tachibana has chosen a strange new canvas for his latest works: the cellphone screen.
Enough with the cellphones already! And turn down that vending machine!

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