The Rise of Dot Org

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3 Special Reports

Japan's activists, volunteers and oddball visionaries are still riding a wave of technological innovation that ended for many profit-oriented entities more than a year ago.

In December 2001, Japan had 5,484 nongovernmental offices, a rise of more than 400 percent from the Internet bubble days of early 2000. NGOs and nonprofit groups are finding new ways to pressure big business; ideas that once seemed hopelessly idealistic are gaining ground; and volunteer projects that had people laughing at first ' like the one where two guys set out to make the world's largest mandala ' are actually coming together.

J@pan Inc takes an in-depth look at how technology has fueled a quiet comeback for the nonprofit world in Japan.

Read now each of our three special reports:
- New Life: Activists Use Internet to Recharge Campaigns -
- A Kurin for Your Thoughts -
- Unlikely Volunteers Get Wrapped Up in a Very Big Project -

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