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February 2002 Issue


  Windows Fades, Sun's Java Shines
As wireless devices proliferate, Java is well positioned to grow, especially in Japan, the leader in wireless-enabled devices.
  SWITCHED ON Seiko's New Pocket Monster Provides Speedy Japanese Translations
NAME Seiko RM2000 CATEGORY Pocket dictionary PRICE JPY19,800 RELEASE DATE IN JAPAN On sale now
Radar Screen
  THine Founder Out to Liberate Japanese Engineers
Tetsuya Iizuka runs a chipmaker with a niche focus and global reach, and he's not above headhunting the best and brightest from his bigger rivals
From The Editor
Virus alerts, Web access through cellphones and plasma displays.


  Robots R Us
Move Over Aibo We've all seen entertainment robots like Sony's Aibo turning tricks, but what of the competition? Can any of the bots roam beyond the playroom and have broader implications for society in general?
  Secure in His Domain
Internet security company Asgent has been on the up since September 11. J@pan Inc Talks to CEO Takahiro Sugimoto
  The Rise of Dot Org
Japan's activist and volunteers are riding a wave of technological innovation that ended for many dot coms more than a year ago.

News & Info

Autumn is well known in Japan as the season of falling leaves, school sports meets and -- as of last October -- tumbling company capitalization restrictions.


Employee monitoring, working with gaijin, emoting cards and what the Japanese are reading

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