Round Up

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  • The Email 2000 Expo: to be held in Ikebukuro from August 24-26, this event focuses on email marketing and hosts a "mobile zone" where you can check out the latest wireless gadgets. Best to know Japanese for this one, however. See


  • The 38th Japan Electronics Show: Held from October 3-7. Hundreds of exhibitors from around the world show off all sorts of technologies and gadgets. See


  • Tokyo Dome Hotel: This new 43-story hotel in Tokyo has over 1,000 rooms and is located close to the Tokyo Dome baseball stadium. Check out the home-team Giants slugging it out or surf the Net from your room -- each one has two phone lines. See


  • The World PC Expo: to be held in Tokyo from October 17-21, this is the largest IT event in Asia, with 750 exhibitors, over 200 of whom are foreign.


  • The Ark Hills Building: When you grow weary of the relentless concrete jungle that Tokyo has become, head for the Ark Hills Building, located on Roppongi Dori in front of the Hotel Okura. The courtyard (it's on the second level -- enter via the escalators to the left of the street-level Starbucks) offers a refreshing dose of sunlit space, peace, and the sound of waterfalls, as well as several upscale but reasonably priced eateries. Choose Andersen's bakery cafe for a quick European lunch, or Aux Bacchanals for an after-work beer and Belgian-style pomme frites on the outdoor patio. And relax.


  • Metallic Bar: Tokyo Metallic Communication has a show room called the "Metallic Bar" in Shinjuku. Not a bar, really, but you can experience free high-speed DSL Internet service -- hey, that's still a big deal here, at least outside the office. The interior is a bit, well, metallic, with several rather uncomfortable desks and eight computers: some iMacs, some PCs. It's open from 12:30 to 7, except Wednesdays.


  • Hotel Okura: Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and a longtime favorite among foreign businesspeople visiting Tokyo, the Okura now has 128-Kbps cable TV Net connections in every room, wireless keyboard included. See


  • La Cantinella: In Minami Aoyama in Tokyo, this establishment has been recognized by the Italian government for being an "authentic Italian restaurant overseas." Now that's saying something. Call 03-3407-7043.

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