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The Editor's page

Michael Stanley (A Season's Special Curse) has lived in Japan for 24 years, working in the fields of print and broadcast media. He is a veteran documentary photographer specializing in challenging envi-ronments such as deserts, rain forests, oceans -- and the cockpits of high-performance military aircraft. His work has appeared in Japanese magazines ranging from Bungeishunju to Elle Japon. He is also an analyst and commentator for Fuji TV news and a frequent contributor to J@pan Inc.
Michael Thuresson (Japanese Restaurants) writes about Japanese-US business issues as a Los Angeles-based journalist. His articles appear in Nikkei Electronics Asia, The Los Angeles Business Journal and The Asian Wall Street Journal. He was a technology journalist in Tokyo from 2000 to 2002, and now works in business development at the University of Southern California's Office of Technology Licensing. He specializes in technology transfers between Japanese and American companies.
Peter Presley (Third Party Tango) has been a management advi-sor for 10 years for Fortune 1000 companies in Europe, the US and Japan. His areas of expertise include sourcing, outsourcing, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, supply chain management, shared services and cost reduction programs. He is the founder of GrowthLab, a Japan-based management advisory that provides project support for manu-facturers, retailers, distributors, wholesalers and service organiza-tions. He can be contacted via email at:

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