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March 2004 Issue


The Editor's page
  From the Editor
The real thing
  The Pulse 1
--Killer Apps from DoCoMo and KDDI
--2004 Trend-Watchers Take Note
--Intervention Junkies -- Addiction Without End?
  The Pulse 2
Technology And Finance News
  Japan's Restaurant Giants are California Dreaming
But service and standards may be worlds apart.
  A Design For (Slow) Life
She's called Japan's Martha Stewart, but Harumi Kurihara is her own homemaker.
  Tokyo Real Estate: Revival or Risk?
Will booming development in central Tokyo sink Odaiba -- and everyone else?
  The Stock Market Reads Through Strong-Yen Worries
Can Japan stand a surging yen?
  Inspired by Imports
Tokyo Designer's Week marries commerce to art.
  The Man Who Tried to Save Osaka
Kansai's largest city is urban and ugly -- but it didn't have to be this way.
  A Season's Special Curse
Our generous glimpse at a Japan you only thought you knew.


  The Techno Maestro's Amazing Machine
For 30 years, maverick inventor Kohei Minato has been toiling away on his masterpiece: a magnetic machine that produces more power than it uses. Now, he's ready to take it to market.
  Foreign Films
Two British expatriates make Japanese films with Japanese characters and settings. Richard Donovan visits them to find out how and why.
  Third-party Tango
Consultant Peter Presley offers sage advice and not a few scary anecdotes to show us how to handle third-party relationships inside Japan.


  Monkeying Around
On manipulating tax money and monkeying around.

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