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The July issue of Cyzo, one of our favorite Japanese mags, provided observations on the hot tech keywords of the day. Here are a few (translated by us):

Broadband: A communications environment that NTT didn't really want to promote, but had to because others did.

DSL: Until last year, the broadband technology that NTT hated the most.

VoIP: The broadband technology that NTT will hate the most next.

iAppli: Java apps that run over i-mode. Sun Microsystems never imagined Java being used by high-school girls in Japan like this.

At a recent telecom conference, a rep from a certain telco monopoly in Japan said: "There's a famous chart that shows how data traffic will exceed voice, but there's also a secret chart ..." At this point, he whipped out a revenue chart showing data far below voice not only currently, but well into the future. Guess which company is going to make loads of money either way?

What does a guy do after starting a (later huge) tech publishing company (ASCII), helping Microsoft Japan get started (but then breaking up with Bill when he wanted ASCII for his own), and then losing his tech-celeb status after selling out to systems integrator CSK? Apparently, he hangs around in BBS discussions. At least that's what Kazuhiko Nishi did. We assumed it was an imposter - "I'm Joi Ito and you all suck!" wasn't too convincing, after all - but eventually we confirmed that it was indeed the man. The thread had well over 10,000 postings - here are some of his rants (our translation):

Anonymous: Crayfish and Cyber Agent were disasters - how could you be
so successful when you were so young?
Nishi: I have no idea.
A: The fat guy is here again?
N: Are you talking about me?
A: Would you buy Xbox?
N: I would buy it, take it apart, and remodel it as a PC.
A: I'm so stupid that I have no idea what .NET is. Gates seems to be
emphasizing it, but can you explain its purpose so that a stupid guy like me
can also understand it?
N: To kill Java.
A: Pay your debt, Nishi!
N: I'm doing it now.
A: Hey Nishi! I'll lend you some money!
N: Thanks, but no thanks.

"Nishi-tan," as he became known, went from being angry about the derisive
comments about him to inviting everyone to a Yoshinoya beef-bowl party at
the ASCII office.

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