Terrie's Job Tips -- Where to Go After Being CFO?

One trend that I'm noticing in my recruiting practice is the increase of highly qualified bilingual job seekers in the market. This is not surprising, given that foreign firms are being hard hit in their home markets and naturally Japan is expected to contribute to the cost-cutting moves going on around the world. Then of course you have the general meltdown in the banking sector and the corresponding fall out with their traditional suppliers.


JIN-501 -- Admit when you have a problem - the economy I mean

The now ex-finance minister Shoichi Nakagawa may have been under the weather, drunk or sick, you take your pick, but one thing is for sure - the state of the economy is enough to drive anyone to drink.

TT-506 -- The Demon Weed, ebiz news from Japan

The weed business in Japan is growing, despite the draconian law and the public shame that comes with getting caught.



To Print Or Not To Print, That Is The Question

Japan is yet to see a lot of unimaginable consequences of recession this year.

Thoughts on Nakagawa and on investing in Japan

Former Japanese Finance Minister Nakagawa should never have been at the press conference that did in his career, and now has the Japanese press gone mad discussing “reputation risk?”

Terrie's Job Tips -- Hard Messages - Letting Employees Go

This week's column is intended for HR and business managers who are confronted with having to execute orders from head office to pare down the workforce as a means of reducing cost. Because the reductions will be general in nature, the most common reaction of the local management is to deal with the problem in a general way as well – usually by sending emails or having mass meetings. However, in my experience, mass communications of a negative nature almost never work, so I decided to consult with a professional in the HR and Training field, Mr. Andrew Silberman of AMT Group.


TT-505 -- Expats Flee Tokyo, e-biz news from Japan

Tokyo's expat watering holes are drying up as their customers leave town.


JIN-500 -- Back to the future (of the labor market)

The nation's shrinking workforce still has the baby blues.

Terrie's Job Tips -- Securing Your Position in Sales - Part Seven: The Perseverance Test

Making sales to Japanese companies is never easy, and now it's harder than ever. But there is an old Japanese business saying about how a good salesperson will go visit with a client at least 10 times and get to know them before trying to get down to business (出来る営業は、まず客になりそうな客に10回通う。 その間、決して営業の話はしない。仲良くなったところで初めてビジネスの話をする。) These days you might get served a stalking warrant if you hound a client ten times, however, there is no doubt that persistence works.


TT-504 -- Online Ad Spending Trend, ebiz news from Japan

With a global recession, advertisers are cutting back and many online sites are markedly suffering. We look at one company that looks as though it might just survive, and perhaps even flourish - GREE.