Terrie's Job Tips -- Securing Your Position in Sales – Part Five: Selling With Mr. Maslow

In 2006, I introduced in this column the social theory of an American psychologist called Abraham Maslow, who in the mid-20th century decided that in contrast to Jung and Freud, he would study what motivates normal people. His findings resulted in a simple layered pyramid, which he dubbed the "Hierarchy of Needs". According to Maslow, and certainly I agree with him, different people are motivated by different things according to the space they occupy physically and mentally.


Japan's grim-and- bear-it 2009 outlook

Things in Japan are looking grim. They keep getting grimmer, and it doesn't seem they will be getting less grim anytime soon. To give you some idea of what this means, only this week we learnt that Japan’s steel production fell 28 percent in December. This was the steepest decline in no less than six decades. Meanwhile Hiroshi Yoshikawa, Tokyo University professor and head of the Japanese government business cycle measurement committee said that Japan’s present recession may become the longest in the postwar era.

TT-502 -- Value-leaders Make Money in Recession, ebiz news from Japan

Even during a recession, closely analyzing the economy can expose a wealth of profitable markets. Uniqlo is one, and rising SNS star GREE is another. But how can we identify the right markets?



Sparks of hope for financial industry

As well as the big sharks of the financial world, many smaller fish slip through the financial seas, quietly and unobtrusively doing their business, until they become big fish in their own right. One of these has been the SPARX Group, founded 20 years ago, based out of Japan, which had about JPY1.7 tln in assets under management in 2006. These assets are managed on behalf of a number of institutional investors, based on principles learned from George Soros by the SPARX founder, Shuhei Abe when Abe managed Soros’s Japanese investments.

JIN-497 -- Bittersweet days as Toyota gets set to take pole position

No time for celebration as Japan's auto giant poises to overtake GM as the world's biggest automaker.

Terrie's Job Tips -- Securing Your Position in Sales - Part Four: 70-20-10 Rule

For my own sales staff, and certainly for employees in new companies, which are perpetually in crunch mode until the company breaks through into profit, I have a sanity formula that I share with them. I call it my 70-20-10 rule.


TT-501 -- Is Now a Good Time to Start a Business? Ebiz news from Japan

The recession is predicted to to be with us for a while. Are low costs and government funds to SMEs good enough reasons to start up a business now?


JIN-496 -- "Can't buy me love" by Taro Aso and the LDPs

The latest stimulus package from the government hasn't exactly received a warm reception.