Yuriage Port Morning in Japan
Illustration: Andrew Kehohe

Yuriage Port Morning Market

An early morning culinary

Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate all bare deep scars from the 2011 disaster. Yuriage, the small coastal district of Natori city has taken steps to heal those wounds with the help of some friendly Canadians. Starting at 6:00AM every Sunday thousands of Japanese people head out to the coastal inlet of Yuriage to get fresh seafood and produce, breakfast, buy handmade crafts, see their friends, and even see some live music.

The market only lasts for three hours so everyone works fast to do their shopping, selling or eating. A 30 year tradition in the Natori area, the city started the communal market again almost immediately after the 2011 earthquake with temporary buildings. This is a big surprise as the nearby Sendai airport was completely shutdown with debris everywhere for several weeks. Recently the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce donated the wood to build an information center at the Yuriage market which now stands completed at the entrance.

While the evidence of the disaster is never far, Yuriage is healing along with the people who are shopping, taking in a sunrise, or just looking for great food.

For the complete photo story by Andrew Kehohe with more pictures go to http://en.japantravel.com/photos/natori-farmers-market


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