The view from the Osaka Sky Observatory at night
Illustration: Bonson Lam

How to get free Wi-Fi in Osaka

The definitive guide with Wi-Fi tips and locations

The best way to get free Wi-Fi in Osaka is to stay in a Wi-Fi enabled hostel or hotel. Surprisingly, you are more likely to get free Wi-Fi at the cheaper accommodation providers, like Hana Hostel or J Hoppers. A lot of business hotels, known for its compact, no-frills 3 star service levels, also provide free Wi-Fi. Hotels like Dormy Inn or Toyoko Inn are also known for its excellent connectivity in all its guest rooms as well as the public reception areas with no password requirements. . They also offer free internet computers at their reception or front desk areas. Higher up in the luxury stakes, Hotel Monterey and Fraser Residences also offer Wi-Fi in all their rooms, while Sheraton Osaka offers Wi-Fi in the reception area to registered guests.

Getting free Wi-Fi on the go in Osaka, however, will require a little homework, as most providers require you to send an email in advance. You will then get a password which will open up Wi-Fi for your smartphone or tablet. In order to send this email, you need to have Wi-Fi in the first place. So either you do this from the hotel, or go to a Lawson’s convenience store.

Providers with free Wi-Fi include Osaka City Tourism and West Japan Railway Company: This is mainly confined to key train stations in the Central Osaka area, as well as the Kansai International Airport and a small number of museums and hotels.

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