JIN-487 -- "Always look on the bright side of life" and other things the BOJ didn't say

Well it's official - according to the Bank of Japan, the economy's expansion has halted. Read Now

JIN-486 -- Voters call for economic salvation before election

The popularity of Taro Aso's cabinet has already started sinking and if a new opinion poll speaks the truth, it looks like the LDP will have to inject a bit of hope into the economy, before an election is called. Read Now

TT-489 -- Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself, ebiz news from Japan

With global fear and uncertainty leading to a plummeting Nikkei Index, we look at why Japan is so investment cautious, and what opportunities lay for those braver ones seeking to find a diamond within the ashes.


JIN-485 -- The shares keep tumbling and the fire sales continue

Japan's shares hit an almost five-year low Tuesday as the markets tumbled across the globe. But it's not all bad news following the Wall Street fallout, Japan's megabanks are smiling all the way to the... banks. Read Now

TT-488 -- Will Nomura Get Indigestion From its Lehman Purchase? Ebiz news from Japan

The purchase of the collapsed Lehman Brothers by Nomura was more for the benefit of gaining its highly skilled employees. But reports are coming in that the staff may not be as willing to stay as the conservative securities company may have hoped...


Currency: The Socialization of Capitalism

US DollarBy Michael Condon -- With reports of a planned currency deal with Japan and the EU, and bailouts of financial institutions, is the US now interventionist?

George W. Bush scanned the throngs of restless journalists as he stood at the podium of the Economic Club of New York. Things could have been better.

It was March 14, and following a flood of failed mortgages, a plummeting US dollar and the Bear Sterns bail-out, the US federal government was attempting to play poker with the media.


JIN-484 -- When the dust settles on Wall Street, can Japan step in?

As the carnage continues in the financial sector, Japan's megabanks have re-emerged on Wall Street. But will their marriage with the likes of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley work? Read Now

JIN-482 -- Lehman collapse will test the safety of the Japanese economy

Japan's business leaders are shrugging off the severity of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy and its aftershocks - so why worry? Read Now


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