TT-698 -- Japan's Competition for Immigrants, ebiz news from Japan

Japan's Highly Skilled Foreign Professional visa introduced in July last year targets technology immigrants and offers on a new points system a very easy 5-year work visa with all the trimmings.


TT-601 -- Jobs Recovery on the Way? E-biz news from Japan

Only 70% of college graduates had found jobs by December 1st, and less than half of junior college students have done so.


TT-582 -- Who Wants to Work Abroad? Almost No-one, e-biz news from Japan

Most Japanese business people have no desire to be posted abroad when there is no financial incentive.


A Note of Thanks, JHELP Christmas Appeal

Thousands of foreign workers in Japan are continuing to lose their jobs, and with it, their homes. One of the worst cases involves a mother turfed out of her home with her baby. Luckily, there is an organization to help - but they need your support. Find out how.



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