Arrivals and Departures

In collaboration with Santa Fe Relocation Services Japan KK, the J@pan Inc Arrivals & departures column takes a look at some of the key figures of Japan's expatriate business community who are either just landing in Japan or flying off to new places.

Denis O’SullivanArrivals Lounge 01

Name: Denis O’Sullivan
Nationality: Irish
Family: Single (but accepting proposals)
Personality: Motivated, open-minded, team player
Company: Willis Japan
Job Title: Chief Operating Officer
Arrived in Japan: October 2007
Moved From: Sydney, Australia
Business objectives in Japan: To lead and grow Willis to become the leading insurance intermediary in Japan.
Reaction to moving to Japan: In 2007 I started to pursue an opportunity to transfer to Asia with Willis, but Japan was my preference as I had worked in Tokyo for 2 years from 2000-2002. When my move was finalized, I was very excited about the move and I am loving it here.
Looking forward to: Learning more about the Japanese business environment and culture, fitting in, motivating the team, and making a difference.
Talents and interests: Investing, renovating houses, adventure travel and anything involving the outdoors

Guy PrendergastArrivals Lounge 02

Name: Guy Prendergast
Nationality: Australian
Family: My wife Isabelle is French, and our son Marc was born in Malaysia in 2006. We are expecting our second child to be born here in August which is exciting!
Personality: Trustworthy, dependable, friendly
Company: Halfen
Job Title: Country Manager
Arrived in Japan: January, 2008
Moved From: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business objectives in Japan: The Halfen brand is well known in many other countries and we’d like to extend that recognition in what we see is a great market for our products.
Reaction to moving to Japan: Great!
Hobbies: I really like snooker and played in a few club competitions—I’ve not had the chance over the last few years which I miss.

Anil DwivediArrivals Lounge 03

Name: Anil Dwivedi
Nationality: Indian
Family: Married with two daughters, 8 and 5
Personality: Ambitious, Self-motivated and Goal oriented
Company: CDC Software Japan KK
Job Title: President
Took up current position: April, 2008
Moved From: India
Business objectives in Japan: Grow CDC Japan business to 10% of global revenues in 3 years and start Korea operations. ­
Reaction to moving to Japan: I moved to Japan about 9 years back and I did not know much about Japan at that time but I have enjoyed living in Japan all these years.
Looking forward to: Japan is an exciting place for IT market with plenty of opportunities due to the resource shortages and globalization.
Motto: Keep focus on your Karma (Work) and results will follow.


Arrivals and Departures


Jan StuveDeparture Lounge 01

Name: Jan Stuve
Nationality: German
Family: Married with two small children (1 and 3 years old)
Personality: Open-minded, direct and straightforward, sometimes impatient
Company: Accenture
Job Title: Project Manager
Arrived in Japan: June, 2007
Moving to: Australia
Lesson learned in Japan: Japanese people have an incredible focus on quality and detail.
Unusual interest: I enjoy rock climbing because it helps me clear my brain of everyday thoughts.
Motto: Strive for a balance of work and life, and achieve a certain freedom of mind.

Tim LesterDeparture Lounge 02

Name: Tim Lester
Nationality: Australian
Personality: Pragmatic, friendly and quietly ambitious.
Company: Arthur Allens Richardson (formerly Lovells)
Job Title: Partner
Arrived in Japan: I lived in Japan for nearly 12 years, 7 of those in my most recent stint, since April 2001.
Moving to: Perth, Australia
Business lesson learned in Japan: Despite many views to the contrary, Japan is not in fact all that unique. In the context of its important role in the global economy, the almost mythical view that it is unique is now slowly being eroded as more and more foreign companies are finding success in Japan.
Biggest achievement in the Japanese market: Running the leveraged buyout for SoftBank Corp of Vodafone Japan and the refinancing of that deal by way of whole business securitization. The acquisition represented the largest LBO to have been completed globally in the previous 17 years and the WBS remains the largest of its kind.
Hobbies/Interests: Spending time with my family, movies, eating out, entertaining friends, playing sport or going on weekends away.
Motto: When doing something, do it right and do it well.