Measure for Measure



J@pan Inc’s hard information on selected economic sectors and industries


Compiled by Ken Worsley of

Mobile Telephony

  • Approximate number of mobile phone subscribers in Japan: 103 million
  • Approximate number of new mobile handsets sold each year: 50 million
  • Number of new SoftBank Mobile subscribers in May 2008: 173,700
  • Number of new AU and DoCoMo subscribers in the same period, respectively: 72,400 and 60,900
  • Total number of DoCoMo users at the end of May 2008: 53.54 million
  • Number of AU subscribers: 30.29 million
  • Number of Softbank subscribers: 18.95 million
  • Number of new handsets released by DoCoMo in May 2008: 19
  • Estimated development costs per new mobile: ¥10 billion


Corporate Bankruptcies

  • Number of corporate bankruptcies in May 2008 at firms with liabilities of ¥10 million or more: 994
  • Number in April 2008: 1,013
  • Number in May 2007: 1,016
  • Industry posting the greatest number of bankruptcies in May 2008: Construction (271)
  • Total liabilities left by firms going bankrupt in May 2008: ¥481.07 billion
  • Number of bankruptcies with ¥1 billion or more in liabilities: 74
  • Total number of firms that filed for bankruptcy protection in fiscal 2007: 11,333
  • Increase from fiscal 2006: 18.4%
  • Number of self-employed people who filed for bankruptcy in fiscal 2007: 1,819
  • Increase against fiscal 2006: +36%


Real Estate

  • Vacancy rate at new office buildings in the five central wards of Tokyo in September 2007: 4.74%
  • Vacancy rate at new office buildings in the five central wards of Tokyo in March 2008: 6.97%
  • Average rent per square meter in the five central wards of Tokyo in March 2008: ¥6,841
  • Increase from the previous year: 12.51%
  • Increase from the previous month: 0.38%
  • Number of new condominium units sold in the Tokyo area in fiscal 2007: 58,156
  • Decline from fiscal 2006: 17.9%
  • Average price rise of a new condo unit in the Tokyo area in fiscal 2007: 9.3%
  • Number of new units remaining unsold at the end of fiscal 2007: 10,837
  • Last year in which the number of unsold units stood above 10,000: 1992
  • Average sale price of a condo in the Tokyo area in March 2008: ¥49.98 million
  • Number of consecutive months in which the average price of a new condo unit has risen: 16


Food and Supermarkets

  • Percentage of Kikkoman’s operating profit derived from North American sales: 48.6%
  • Kikkoman’s ranking amongst Japanese firms for percentage of operating profit generated in North America: 1st
  • Percentage of Kikkoman’s sales that are dependent on the US market: 23.5%
  • Tons of fin whale meat imported from Iceland in May 2008: 80
  • Last year in which whale meat was imported into Japan: 1990
  • Amount spent on food by the average household in April 2008: ¥66,374
  • Decline from the previous year: 3.1%
  • Decline in supermarket sales in Japan in April 2008: 0.8%
  • Increase in food sales in Japan at supermarkets in April 2008: 1.3%
  • Fall in clothing sales at supermarkets in April 2008: 6.9%


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