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J@pan Inc’s hard information on selected economic sectors and industries


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  • Japan’s total retail sales in May 2008: ¥11.04 trillion
  • Increase from year before: 0.2%
  • Last month in which retail sales fell year-on-year: July 2007
  • Estimated amount Seiyu intends to spend on renovations over the next two years: ¥30 billion
  • Number of locations to be renovated: 90
  • Sales increase at Uniqlo in June: 0.7%
  • Change in the number of visitors to Uniqlo stores in June: -1.3%
  • Number of Talbots locations to be closed by Aeon in 2008: 100
  • Average spending at households with two or more people in May: ¥288,128
  • Decline from a year ago: 3.2%
  • Decline in household spending on services in May: 7.64%
  • Decline in supermarket sales in May: 1.1%
  • Increase in food sales at supermarkets in May: 1.2%

Mobile Phones

  • Amount spent by NTT DoCoMo to take equity stakes in mobile telephone carriers in Malaysia, Bangladesh and the Philippines: ¥200 billion
  • DoCoMo’s revenue from “international business” in fiscal 2007: ¥80 billion
  • Projections for that revenue in fiscal 2008: ¥100 billion
  • Year in which SoftBank intends to cease operating its 2G network: 2010
  • Approximate number of current SoftBank users on its 2G network: 4.15 million
  • Nokia’s global share of mobile handset sales: 40%
  • Nokia’s market share in Japan: Less than 1%
  • Nokia’s target market share for Japan: 10%
  • Approximate number of mobile phone users who currently pay for unlimited data transmission: 35.5 million
  • Firm with the largest KDDI, with 14.5 million

Food and Fast Food

  • Sales at Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets in Japan for the six months to May 2008: ¥610 million
  • Decline from the previous year: 51%
  • Number of new KFC shops opened during that time: 16
  • Change in sales at Pizza Hut locations in the six months to May: -11%
  • Decline in operating profit at Pizza Hut locations: 53%
  • Increase in net profit at McDonald’s Japan in fiscal 2007: 405%
  • Ratio of total Denny’s restaurant locations in Japan to be closed: 1:4
  • Tons of butter to be imported by the Ministry of Agriculture this autumn: 5000
  • Number of fishing vessels planning to protest high fuel costs by staging a one-day shutdown in July: 200,000
  • Average price of fuel for a fishing vessel, per kiloliter: ¥95,300
  • Increase from 2004, according to the Japan National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives: 240%

Department Stores

  • Nationwide department store sales in May: ¥584.5 billion
  • Decline in department store sales in May: 2.7%
  • Increase in food sales at department stores in May: 2.4%
  • Percentage of total May department store sales made in Tokyo: 25.1%
  • Approximate number of annual visitors to Seibu’s Ikebukuro location: 70 million
  • Estimated percentage of those visitors who make a purchase: 40%
  • Increase in sales at Takashimaya’s Shinjuku location on the weekend after the opening of the Fukutoshin subway line: 30%
  • Increase at Shinjuku’s Isetan over the same weekend: 10%
  • Sales increase at Seibu’s Ikebukuro location: 5%


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