JIN-402 -- A Blank Slate in Hakone

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Issue No. 402
Wednesday February 14, 2007 TOKYO

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@@ VIEWPOINT: A Blank Slate in Hakone

On a recent trip to Hakone we got off the bus at the graves
of the Soga brothers, Juro and Goro. Their father was
killed by one Ito Sukechika over an inheritance dispute.
Eighteen years later the brothers avenged their father
by killing Sukechika during a hunt near Mt. Fuji in 1193.
Juro was killed during the fight. Goro was captured and
brought before Shogun Minamoto no Yoritomo. The
shogun, moved by the brothers' filial piety, was inclined
to spare Goro. However, Sukechika's son demanded his
own revenge. Goro was executed.

Yoritomo was not the only one moved by the brothers'
tale. The story was later embellished for the Kabuki
theater and has become one of the Japanese favorite
'adauchi monogatari,' tales of revenge.

The wind whipped the foot of the mountain, brown
save for stands of evergreens. The graves, miniature
pagodas of stone, stood in a roadside clearing fringed by
sere pampas grass. Our fellow bus passengers probably
wondered why on earth we got off at such a desolate spot.

As we zipped up our parkas and donned gloves, we asked
ourselves the same question. The answer was that we
had come to bear witness to what was not but might
have been.

Ninety-one years earlier Rabindranath Tagore, the
Bengali poet awarded the Nobel prize in literature in 1913,
visited the Soga Brothers' graves. His guide was Sankei
Hara, a wealthy silk merchant and patron of the arts,
remembered for his creation of Sankeien, the magnificent
seaside garden in Yokohama.

Hara recounted for Tagore the tale of the Soga Brothers and
asked him to compose a poem for inscription on the
large rock beside the graves.

Tagore fell to the task. He composed a poem, but it was far
from what his host had expected. The poet could not
sympathize with the moral of the tale. In fact, he
interpreted it as a link in a mortal chain of revenge and
counter revenge. Convinced the poem would disappoint
Hara, Tagore read it with visible restraint:

'Each bore the other a grudge, each other they killed.
People sung their praises
But God was ashamed
Quickly He buried
Memory of the bloodletting
Beneath the green grass.'

As he listened to the Soga Brothers' tale, Tagore's eyes lit
up. Then with deep emotion he surveyed the luxuriant
summer grasses, as if thinking of the world beyond war
envisioned in the poem.

Sankei Hara respected Tagore's wish for peace, but could
not inscribe the poem on the rock. Truly the poem would
have been incongruous next to the Soga brothers' graves.

The present Japanese administration is determined to
amend war-renouncing Article 9 of the Constitution.
North Korea threatens, and China looms. Does the
ability to launch a preemptive strike offer security or
the chimera of security?

Pacifism is the realm of saint, philosopher, and poet.
A state that made pacifism a pillar of policy would not be
a state for long.

The bus arrived, we were glad for its warmth. These
thoughts crossed my mind as I looked through the
window at the face of the rock.

-- Burritt Sabin

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