JIN-235 -- New Crimes and the Old Economy

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Issue No. 235
Wednesday, July 16, 2003


++ Viewpoint: New Crimes and the Old Economy

++ Noteworthy News
-Japan's "God of Poverty"

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++ Viewpoint: New Crimes and the Old Economy

Rattling home from work last night on the Chuo line, we spotted an odd sight:
A woman in her late thirties -- well-dressed, Louis Vuitton bag, et cetera --
was peering intently through one of those magnifiers that jewelers use for
close-up work.

Curious as to why she should have chosen the bumpy train ride home for such
an intricate operation, we inspected a little closer and the result was even
weirder. She was looking through the device at the screen of her mobile phone,
which turned out to be displaying a photograph of a page from the latest edition
of DIME magazine. The camera function on her top-of-the-line cellphone was
of such a high resolution that she could (with the help of the magnifier) read
the fashion pages perfectly on the mobile's tiny screen.

Opening the evening paper, we see that we are not the first to spot this new
trend. Bookshops and magazine stores across the capital are up in arms,
claiming that the practice of photographing magazine pages is tantamount to
shoplifting -- and that they have no idea how to stop it.

Voila! A brand new crime created, like so many others before it, by the march
of technology. But dig a little deeper, and there is something unique and very
revealing about this latest bit of illegality -- technically a copyright incident,
with a bit of gray-area larceny thrown in. You might think that we've been
here before with the likes of Napster, but this really is different. With Napster,
for example, the incentive to download music for free was huge -- CDs are
cripplingly expensive, and the forms in which Internet music can be downloaded
are convenient.

Snapping pages of a magazine, however, involves an entirely different set of
issues. This woman (and we suspect most of the neo-shoplifters) could easily
have afforded the 200 yen cover price for DIME, and the paper product seems
a lot easier to read than a mobile screen (which had her squinting like a

So: why does she prefer to read that way?

The simple answer is that a mobile phone is actually a very useful thing to
have on a train journey (to send and receive messages, play games, check the
weather -- and look at pictures), so why clutter her lovely handbag with a
magazine if she can have the fashion pages in a more compact form? As you look
around the train carriages here, it is immediately obvious that mobiles are
taking over from reading material of any type as the diversion of choice.

But a more complex analysis suggests an interesting clash of old and new media
forms. There are plenty of "keitai magazines" that supposedly offer fashion,
gossip, news and more through the mobiles. But what the "digital shoplifting" craze
really proves is this: online-only products have still not managed to recreate
the cachet of the printed page. People want print -- even if they have to take
a picture of it.

Long live the old economy.

--The Editors

"Camera phones cross moral, legal lines"

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** Japan's "God of Poverty"

In Brief: Japan's economic tzar is taking the political heat again.
Members of Japan's opposition party submitted a censure motion against
Heizo Takenaka on Tuesday, calling him "the god of poverty" for creating
the current state of the economy. Opposition leaders cited high levels
of unemployment, company failures, increased suicides and low share
prices. Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi promised to vote the censure

Commentary: We predicted in our January 2003 issue that this would be
the year of Takenaka's trial. Takenaka was rumored to be headed out of
public service and into American academia in a report published in the
New York Times last month. Koizumi's office issued a vehement denial --
and Takenaka himself threatened to submit a formal "objection" to the
Times' editors. Far as we know, no "objection" was submitted. And since
then, the NYT has lost some serious credibility and the Japanese economy
has actually shown some signs of life. Takenaka was instrumental in the
Resona rescue-plan -- and we bet he'll hang in there.

"Japan's economic tzar under fire"

"Takenaka's Trial", J@pan Inc, January 2003.

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Written and edited by Leo Lewis and Roland Kelts (editors@japaninc.com)


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