Monster Mash

Nope, RF(P) stands for Request For Proposal, but there are monsters at this mash.

To those with the attention span of a candy-corn (me included), this aint just paperwork, so pay attention.

Hellooo McFly!!

1.21 gigawatts, a failed car experiment and a bad hair-do was all you needed.

“Well... we are considering other proposals and we’ll get back to you”

Salespeople! Fear not the vendor manager!

They make you nervous when you first enter their castle lair, subdue you with their charisma, bleed you dry when you doze off....

Vendor manage this!

Ever watch a scary movie and think, how are zombies able to get so far into buildings and chase people despite being slow and brain-dead?

Thanks, you wasted my time.

No moment in sales is more powerful than meeting a new potential client for the first time, it’s like being superman, you get to create an image that you are the best sales-hero in Metropolis.

Business from the ground up

During the numbing hangover of the post-bubble days of the early 1990s, a real estate man found himself wandering the streets of Tokyo looking for direction. In the mid-1980s, land in Ginza was said to be priceless while real estate in the remainder of Tokyo, wasn’t far off. But when the party was over at the end of the bubble era, the prices of overvalued properties came crashing down.

The business of short films

Tetsuya Bessho, founder of the Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia, talks about the changing face of film.

Everyone hates cold callers...

It’s kinda like getting a job as a carpenter and your boss says, “Here’s a brand new shiny hammer, go build me a house.”

Outta luck?

We’ve all been there, Friday night, 6:08PM before a 3-day weekend, shiny new-pen in one hand, empty tin-cup in the other…

The real meaning of "To Earn is To Win"

So, it’s been written that I said “There is nothing you can’t buy with money” and “You can praise honorable poverty extravagantly because you are so far it,” and it looks like this is a quote from the heading on the first item of my book “To Earn Is To Win” but actually, this is the wrong interpretation and if you read it, you will understand...


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